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  1. OK. very good to see they fixed the force feedback. AGAIN. !!!!!!
  2. had a few issues at first with frame rates. but seems to have sorted itself out. ? some nice ffb effects. but different. wheel feels light in some places. but not bad.
  3. hi my friend. i have the thrustmaster T300RS.  i tell you what now they have fixed it it is superb. once you get the settings how you like them. its brilliant. am well happy with it now.
  4. alabusmed.... very clever thinking my friend. :) i am really happy with dirt rally now. but i may try that little trick with dirt 3. and use dirt 2 file with that. i didnt think you could do that. can you tell me where to look and what to change and where pls. what where when and how. thx.  yes dirt 2 was very very good. i wonder who worked on dirt 2s force feedback. they should definitely employ him or her again.
  5. Just 1 improvement i need. I Want to be able to turn on the headlights when in a day time event so i can see better in darker areas of roads where trees block alot of light. id love to be able to switch on the  lights. also. high and low beam headlights. pls. :) ps. you guys rock. dirt rally is alive.
  6. Codemasters. THANKYOU  Thankyou for sorting out the forcefeedback in dirt rally, the game now feels great, and the options you provided us with are spot on. thankyou for listening to us. am happy that dirt rally will now be known for decent forcefeedback effects, it really makes the game special, like dirt 2 was. it really make the game much more enjoyable and FUN. tons of respect to you guys and all who helped make dirt rally force feedback work like it does now. THANKYOU. kind regards
  7. I think i was a bit harsh before. on a previous post. but when i played this game for first time. i was let down. i felt yet another game they havnt cared about ffb settings with, and when you spend so much money you expect a little something in return. am really  happy with the new settings really great work from codemasters and all who helped. i still dont understand how they managed to get dirt 2 so right. and then dirt 3 wasnt as good and this at first was really bad. i thought how could they have done so well with dirt 2 ffb. its not like they could have fluked it. it was perfection.
  8. FFB EFFECT ARE NOW PERFECT. thankyou codemasters. awesome work. really really good. https://youtu.be/yWJGKjNu__U
  9. PERFECTION IN AN XML FILE. CODEMASTERS LEARN THESE SETTINGS PLEASE DONT MAKE IT WORSE.  using T300RS  all settings maxed out on properties control panel. all max. in game set 100/100/100.  steering 450% use these xml settings for a very much improved experience, better steering better force feedback effects,  use notepad copy settings below into notepad. name it effectssetup replace orig xml with your new settings keep old xml settings by naming it effectssetup.old  ( into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback\effectsetup.xml in w
  10.  PLAY DIRT 2. feel that force feed back, get into it for a while. and remember how great it feels. how much fun did you have with the wheel setup.. tons i know, awesome.  now go make dirt 4. and introduce some kick arse force feedback, like you did in dirt 2. you can also make dirt rally feel like that. its not all about a game looking great, it also has to feel great. otherwise your going to fail on that killer dirt game you want to make.  pls make the game we want. not half the game we want. dirt rally is nice. but the force feedback is not. not right now. 
  11. Hello massively talented guys n gals at codemasters. you really shined with this game. stands true to your name.  ive always watched rally on tv. and always wanted a game that looks just like the real thing. no other games have really come close i admit i loved dirt 2.  because i really liked the handling. and it felt good. and i enjoyed myself playing dirt2. dirt 3 was different somehow i couldnt get into it like dirt 2. but onto DIRT RALLY.> Well ive just been racing in the mini.. the original mini cooper. what a great old car it was, and you could throw it about so much.  
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