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  1. MrPix said:

    @DannNimmDenName - you have summed up what I wanted to say, just no steering FFB at all. not even a centering spring effect with the CSWv2... @ EthanDean57... what wheel do you have my man?

    hi my friend. i have the thrustmaster T300RS.  i tell you what now they have fixed it it is superb. once you get the settings how you like them. its brilliant. am well happy with it now.

  2. alabusmed....

    very clever thinking my friend. :) i am really happy with dirt rally now. but i may try that little trick with dirt 3. and use dirt 2 file with that. i didnt think you could do that. can you tell me where to look and what to change and where pls. what where when and how. thx.  yes dirt 2 was very very good. i wonder who worked on dirt 2s force feedback. they should definitely employ him or her again.

  3. Just 1 improvement i need.

    I Want to be able to turn on the headlights when in a day time event so i can see better in darker areas of roads where trees block alot of light. id love to be able to switch on the  lights. also. high and low beam headlights. pls. :) ps. you guys rock. dirt rally is alive.

  4. Codemasters. THANKYOU 

    Thankyou for sorting out the forcefeedback in dirt rally, the game now feels great, and the options you provided us with are spot on.
    thankyou for listening to us. am happy that dirt rally will now be known for decent forcefeedback effects, it really makes the game special,
    like dirt 2 was. it really make the game much more enjoyable and FUN.

    tons of respect to you guys and all who helped make dirt rally force feedback work like it does now.

    THANKYOU. kind regards

  5. I think i was a bit harsh before. on a previous post. but when i played this game for first time. i was let down. i felt yet another game they havnt cared about ffb settings with, and when you spend so much money you expect a little something in return. am really  happy with the new settings really great work from codemasters and all who helped. i still dont understand how they managed to get dirt 2 so right. and then dirt 3 wasnt as good and this at first was really bad. i thought how could they have done so well with dirt 2 ffb. its not like they could have fluked it. it was perfection. dirt 2 was very good. so what happened. did someone else do the force feedback settings in dirt 2. and if something s so good. why change it. dirt 3 didnt feel as good and if i had made dirt 3 i would have not changed the ffb settings at all. if something is right. why change it and make it worse. i dont understand what happened there. maybe somebody can enlighten me there. did the guy who did ffb lose his job. ? hire him again. :) 
    also people have had a go at me for my previous comments on another post, saying i should have took notice of what was in the post.  its not like i go and read the whole forum. i have better things to do. like play games. not a big fan of reading. but ive seen it in plenty of forums before where you give information and you just get ignored.  Take the crew for instance. i know its not made by codemasters actually shame it wasnt made by them. but my point is i gave them feedback on force feedback settings in the alpha. they made promises to fix everything in the beta before the game was released. then the game was released and the force feedback issues had not been fixed. everytime we talked to them at ubisoft we was told they was working on it.. we was told the same thing in the alpha and the beta. and we was made promises by them it would all be working on release. then i go out and buy it and its still broken. and do you know what they said when we all asked them about it. they said yet again. oh we are working on it. so. forgive me not for listening in past. so many game developers ignore gamers. and fob them off with we are working on it.line. the crew is still the same and has not been fixed. even now after all this time. and it really spoils the game. the game could be so much more than what it is right now. and when i see a great game like this one. i just want the best for it. and for everyone else. am really happy that they fixed the force feedback it is really worth it. and the game feels awesome now.  its brilliant.Thankyou codemasters for listening to the gamers. you rock. dirt rally rocks. 

    using T300RS  all settings maxed out on properties control panel. all max. in game set 100/100/100.  steering 450%

    use these xml settings for a very much improved experience, better steering better force feedback effects, 
    use notepad copy settings below into notepad. name it effectssetup replace orig xml with your new settings keep old xml settings by naming it effectssetup.old  ( into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback\effectsetup.xml in word pad. )
    Copy and paste settings below into your notepad. made by Derinahon
    thankyou so much Derinahon brilliant.!

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <FFBEffects soloRampRate="1000" soloAttenuation="0">

    <FFBEffectSelfAligningTorque device="wheel" scale="0.5"/>

    <FFBlateral device="wheel" scale="1.0" velocityFactor="0.03" frictionGripScalar="70.0" frictionSurfaceScalar="5.0"/>

    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.75" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.3" sample="smallCollisionWheel"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.75" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.6" sample="largeCollisionWheel"/>

    <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.17" thresholdLow=".4" thresholdHigh="20.0" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>
    <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="2.5" thresholdHigh="20.0" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>

    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.3" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionLow"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.3" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionHigh"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionLow"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionHigh"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.8" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionLow"/>
    <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="1.8" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionHigh"/>

    <FFBSkid device="wheel" scale="1.2" thresholdLow="0.9" thresholdHigh="1.1" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="4" freqHigh="30.0" load="1.0" length="0.2" sample="skidBack"/>
    <FFBSkid device="wheel" scale="1.6" thresholdLow="1.0" thresholdHigh="1.3" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="16.0" freqHigh="16.0" load="1.0" length="0.1" sample="skidFront"/>

    <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.5" thresholdLow="1.8" thresholdHigh="20.0" length="0.25" freq="9" sample="suspensionR1"/>
    <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.5" thresholdLow="1.8" thresholdHigh="20.0" length="0.25" freq="9" sample="suspensionL1"/>

    <FFBRevs device="wheel" scale="0.15" thresholdLow="0.1" thresholdHigh="1.2" freqLow="1" freqHigh="18.0" scaleLow="0.2" scaleHigh="0.95" length="0.05" sample="revEffect"/>

    <FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="61125521121"/>
    <FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98721" channel="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="986454321"/>
    <FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="982312531"/>
    <FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="986454321" channel="1"/>
    <FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="982312531" channel="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="skidBack" wave="9" envelope="0" channel="1" solo="1"/>
    <FFBSample name="skidFront" wave="9" envelope="9" channel="1" solo="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98675462584" solo="1"/>
    <FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98765432629" solo="1"/>
    <FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98675462594" channel="1" solo="1"/>
    <FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98765432628" channel="1" solo="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="suspensionR1" wave="9" envelope="9564720" channel="0"/>
    <FFBSample name="suspensionL1" wave="1" envelope="9564720" channel="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="revEffect" wave="91" envelope="9" channel="1"/>

    <FFBSample name="smallCollisionWheel" wave="124689" envelope="97654321000"/>
    <FFBSample name="largeCollisionWheel" wave="5697641345" envelope="9879987542312"/>

    <FFBSample name="suspensionWheel" wave="64" envelope="9"/>


  7. on a serious note codemasters. 
    you already made a fun exciting racing game that with a wheel is  the best feeling of any racing game even upto today, and yes am saying its got better force feedback than project cars. do you know which game it is. 
    i wonder cause you nailed this game and seem to be moving in another direction now that just is not as good. 

    CODEMASTER  staff who are making this game dirt rally, and are looking for useful information from gamers to make dirt 4. ok. go get a decent wheel. set yourself up and get comfy. 
    go now go get one.
    Now when you have a wheel and you have pc ready for that killer information to help you create the next amazing racing game,
     ok here it is. click spoiler. below.

     PLAY DIRT 2. feel that force feed back, get into it for a while. and remember how great it feels. how much fun did you have with the wheel setup.. tons i know, awesome.  now go make dirt 4. and introduce some kick arse force feedback, like you did in dirt 2. you can also make dirt rally feel like that. its not all about a game looking great, it also has to feel great. otherwise your going to fail on that killer dirt game you want to make.  pls make the game we want. not half the game we want. dirt rally is nice. but the force feedback is not. not right now. 

  8. Hello massively talented guys n gals at codemasters. you really shined with this game. stands true to your name.  ive always watched rally on tv. and always wanted a game that looks just like the real thing. no other games have really come close i admit i loved dirt 2.  because i really liked the handling. and it felt good. and i enjoyed myself playing dirt2. dirt 3 was different somehow i couldnt get into it like dirt 2. but onto DIRT RALLY.>
    Well ive just been racing in the mini.. the original mini cooper. what a great old car it was, and you could throw it about so much.  what i have noticed in dirt rally is that steering can  be a little strange on corners sometimes.. sometimes you just cant steer. having to slow down or stop to get around the corner.  sometimes having to go at a speed below 30mph. now when i watch tv. these guys dont slow down for corners at all. but in the game i feel the oversteer or understeer is greatly exaggerated sometimes some corners you seem to do well on before. seem impossible to steer at all. the mini at 30 mph and upto 40mph you could throw it around like nobodys buisiness but it feels lacking in dirt rally. when i think it should steer better than any of the other cars. it seems to be the worst. id also like to say that i think forcefeedback needs some work. when your going straight there really isnt any force feedback. only when you steer. and i really like the feel of the bumps and the gravel. you  have done a great job with it already. but i feel it still needs working on. especially with so many great humps and bumps. even when going in a straight line i feel you should be able to feel the car and the gravel on the wheels. and thats all really. i really enjoy it. its a fantastic game. well done guys. i really hope you will consider what i have said. to help make a better improved game. thankyou for giving us pc owner this great chance to help you build and create something amazing together. i think all games should be made this way. THANKYOU CODEMASTERS. Kind Regards. back to rallying now. ;)