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  1. ValhallasChosen

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    So this may be a long shot but i feel like the collisions need to be more realistic, and more violent. Rallisport Challenge 2(which until Dirt Rally, has been at the top of my rally racing games list) had it nailed. When you rolled bits of the car would fly off, your windows would break, your doors could swing open and wheels could fly off.  As it is now with just minor skin deformation and the occasional flat tire it feels very inconsequential, especially  when you damage your car so badly you cant continue. The visuals need to represent that better.
  2. ValhallasChosen

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    So far I am loving this game, there are only a couple of things I can think of to improve the game.   Please add the stage length in kilometers/miles to the pre-race information screen where the terrain percentages are displayed - 3.5 miles 85% light gravel 15% medium gravel   I have not seen an option to have community ghosts turned on, this is always a nice feature when trying to beat times to see where you are losing or gaining time.   So far Wales is the worst location in my opinion. I look forward to events in Greece and Monte Carlo but when I see that its Wales (for potentially 8 races in a row) it makes me want to stop playing. The uneven terrain is a head ache, and the over all visual quality is not in line with the other two locations. Its drab, flat and boring. It looks like it was an after thought.    I am excited for the addition of Hillclimb events but I was curious if there were any plans to add CrossOver courses to Dirt Rally. These events were some of my favorite from previous games, though much less simulation oriented.