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  1. -I was thinking about this as I watch S.Loeb video, some time he ask his co-pilot to repeat the segment again. It could be really helpful to have a button to repeat the last pace note. -The co polite fumble his note or having hard to to read the note to you when the turn/landing is to hard. -Cosmetic wise, I would love to have some haze/heat wave for those hot stages. It give you that nice dry and hot weather feeling.
  2. My wish list: -The camera inside view, shakes more to match the driving wheel wheel feedback of the ground. Like in GTR2. I have never drove in a rally car so maybe i am off on this.  -In the same view, I feel that it s more forgiven when the car is about to grind the side obstacle. The hoop would flip out or hide your view when you have a frontal hit. -Of course some mud on the windshield and you can use to wiper to remove some of it. -Using a VR mode with your cell phone could be sick (or get sick) as well ;) UI/UX wise, I find that s there s no way to cancel 100% the tournament.
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