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  1. I would like to see working mirrors on PC.
  2. You may not look at your dash but other people do. I prefer highly realistic dash like in SHIFT 2 for example, rather than this blurred screen thing. My eyes are creating the blur and the depth of field for me, I don't need the same effect recreated by the game, thanks.
  3. Judging by these videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlt0L3JO4_M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcfLuSwulsM The cockpit view is really bad. If we can call it cockpit view actually. You can't see the dashboard, the steering wheel... wtf Codemasters?
  4. Touge wasn't a bad idea but I hated the uphill runs. The downhill races were awesome but having to climb up sucked :D
  5. Thanks for your answer Loore! Something just came to my mind so I have to ask - is GRID Autosport using all benefits from the more advanced/pro steering wheels like G25/27/Fanatec/etc and more specifically the clutch?
  6. Reading the FAQ I understand that just like in GRID 2 we are freelancer. We can't make our team, we race for the others? Is this true? I mean not that we can race for other teams (thats obvious), but are we really not able to make our own team like in GRID 1? I had read that the game is featuring split screen. Can we expect this feature on PC as well? Is it possible to play in split screen in the campaign as teammates for the same team?
  7. Probably thats the console version and we will have working mirrors on PC :P
  8. Is it too much to ask for the full version of Nurburgring? :S
  9. I want something that I loved since Dirt 2 and thats the dashboard customization. I really like the ability to personalize stuff in any game and I liked how you can put a toy on the rear view mirror or to slap a sticker on the dash after any major even win. Something like that would be awesome in the new GRID game. Yes, its not very realistic because you don't see stuff like that in WTCC for example, but its a nice touch and the game never was about the total simulation. Other thing that I would like to see is you guys to make the Ravenwest team members recruitable (is there such word?) :P
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