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  1. AdamRoss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Just picked this up today.  Managed to get it running on High settings and 1080p/60 on my Alienware Alpha , so it actually looks quite stunning really (especially for an Early Access game).  I've never been a massive fan of racing games, with the exceptions being the Burnout games and the original Colin McRae rally games. I've never really been into many motorsports, i've always found F1 kind of boring for example.  Rally, however, i've always been fascinated by. In my opinion, its by far the most interesting (and fascinating) motorsport. This translated into a love of the Colin McRae rally games which were absolutely superb fun.  So, onto Dirt Rally.  Amazing. I've only put a few hours in but its already got its hooks into me : it's almost the Dark Souls of racing games. You need to put time and effort into understanding how the cars handle, how the tracks affect the cars and basically you need to learn how to rally properly.  This is a proper rally simulation, but because rally is a fast, crazy motorsport you have to drive in an "arcadey" way to stand any chance of success. Codies really have achieved a wonderful balance with this game.  Massively impressed, easily worth the £25 and looking forward to seeing it expand, improve and grow over the coming months.  Well Done Codemasters.......well done.