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  1. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    Looks Awsome. Can't wait to drive the Legacy through there.
  2. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    Can we please have a official or as close as possible for the 2007 Focus
  3. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    Bring it on Codemasters. We need this
  4. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    The can only dream
  5. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    I quite agree. The fog issue is spoiling the experience
  6. Yes. I am hoping for that to. It would also be great to have the in VR replays like Dirt Rally. Like being on a stage in real life.
  7. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yes I quite agree. We also need the louder bangs as This is missing in most cars. When I've watched them live you can here the bangs a long time before as the cars get closer. If that's possible that would be awsome.
  8. Hi All. I have reported to Codemasters today. Thanks for the reply so I now know it's just not me. Hope a fix comes soon. Kenny.
  9. When I do night stages and watch the replay in VR the Sky and ground cover and dust are all in red,blue ,green colours. I am using an Nvidia 1080 card. Can anybody help please. Kenny.
  10. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yes that would be awsome in VR it was great in DR1. Even better now we have track side camera option. E
  11. Kenny1962

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Has Anybody tried to mod the Black or White base colours as these have been added to all the cars. Otherwise what's the point of those plain liverys.
  12. Can you please tell me how to start Dirt 2.0 in vr please.

    I am usinsing Oculus and my game is on Steam. Many thanks.


    1. PJTierney


      If everything is plugged in it should start automatically.

  13. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    I just don't get the livery thing. How can you get all official liverys ect in Asseto Corsa official or mods when the company was very small. If we are allowed mod ones then let the modders do their stuff like in Dirt Rally. This could kill the game for a lot of people. The game is brilliant but this livery thing is spoiling it. Fingers crossed this gets sorted soon.
  14. Kenny1962

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Can we just have an official livery for the Focus 2007 at least. It is very disappointing that we did not get this. It makes the difference if you drive the car or not. It's left in the garage for me.
  15. Kenny1962

    DiRTy Gossip

    What is special about these liverys.