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  1. We need custom liverys. The cars need these to enjoy them. Without the correct liverys I don't even drive them. I think a lot of people probably do the same. Fingers crossed for next releases.
  2. Hopefully in Dirt 3.0 or WRC we can have a replay cameras as in Dirt Rally. In VR it was as you were watching in real time in game not on a replay screen in VR as of Dirt 2.0.
  3. Hi. Any chance of unlocking downloaded cars for liverys to be added. It would be a great Christmas present for all 🙂
  4. Many thanks for the new Fiesta it's fantastic. WRC will rock with you guys. Can't wait.
  5. Hi PJ. Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I meant 1.16. I play mostly not on line as it runs better 😎
  6. Hi PJ. with the 1.6 update does everybody get the new car. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks anyway. Brilliant game.
  8. Can you give access then to skin modders to do skins for the DLC. Then at least we get some great liverys and more people will purchase the game. Everyone's a winner.
  9. Looks Awsome. Can't wait to drive the Legacy through there.
  10. Can we please have a official or as close as possible for the 2007 Focus
  11. Bring it on Codemasters. We need this
  12. I quite agree. The fog issue is spoiling the experience
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