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    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    1) Its an amazing game... but, can you explain if all items on the Timeline are FREE or is this everything costs extra 5 eur or so DLC? You said everything in the Early Access phase but im sure your plan is to get more money out of it over the following month after final release. --> https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/timeline  Pikes Peak Pack, RallyCross Pack, PVP Pack all sound like DLC, just wanna know if that extra content, so if you put it together the game could costs at least double from the Early Access costs. It just feels that way, so it would be nice if you can explain this a bit.  2) No WRC licence because BigBen Interactive has the license, i can understand that, but will Modding be supported? I dont wanna implay that people maight add WRC drivers, cars etc. just asking in general if Modding will be part of the game, maybe even Steam Workshop? But then again every WRC labeld content maight be not allowed because of the Name rights correct? So how are your plans for modding tools or options?  thanks for this game, i really hope it will be a real successor to Colin McRae Rally 2.0, RallyCross gets popular, but I would love to see the focus really on regular Rally competition, thanks.