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  1. I know it's not "cute" lol i always forget that no one gets irony and sarcasm on the internet, even when there's a "xD" or ":P" smiley
  2. You're not using the word "cute" correctly. That's not true! That word can't... be not (?) used correctly! Whilst cute can in some cases be used as a synonym for little, it doesn't mean the same thing.  You need to use the word "little" here, not "cute" or to describe a corner, you know, when one says "a cute left" or "a cute right", @KickUp knows what im talking about :P
  3. What a lineup to compliment the Fiesta and Mini!  Don't get me wrong I love driving the historic cars, but theres something about new WRC cars they are so god damn fast and fun to drive.  Bring it on! I'm usually the type of person to go for the underdog (i20), but the Polo just looks so sick.  The DS3 is a legendary proven winner too.  Hope we get them all. I wouldn't really call the i20 a underdog, is just that the Polo R is quite overpowered, so it makes even the DS3 look like a underdog :P
  4. Shouldn't the Focus 07 have a 5 Speed Sequential box instead of 6 speed? O.o
  5. Do they mean *they* can't slide the car in dirt? That's what I said, but they said you have to drive twice as fast as you would in real life.  RBR cars were twice faster than the cars in DiRT Rally, seriously, they felt like they could win a quarter mile against a Toyota TS040 Hybrid. Though i find DiRT Rally could use some grip reduction on gravel (not by much, it's like 5% less lateral grip and traction) and a overhaul on the tarmac physics (surface needs to feel a little less slick, needs more lateral grip and less traction)
  6. I don't like most of those motion simulators, but this one is worth checking https://www.facebook.com/RallyChannelHd/videos/629185437184896/
  7. We've got a blank white one too.  :s We'll take care of that ASAP, no worries :)
  8. @KickUp While this update will not be the richest on the content, it seems to be very rich with new features and some important fixes, i'm really anxiously looking forward to try some of those (and i'm seeing you are doing some cool things about the damage, thanks a lot!) I think we (some guys, even me to some extent) overreacted a little with the "wrong impreza" thing, but i think it's more because we got a bit confused with the situation, Paul. Just remember, Be brave! dealing with people can be a pain sometimes :)
  9. I expected six cars, because it made sense to have six cars For some reason i already knew it would be cars we already had on DiRT 3, and these 4 cars were what i expected to get (in fact 3 and a half, the Impreza is not the one i expected :( ) The other two cars would've been the S2000 Peugeot and the Grande Punto
  10. Remembered another thing, the R4s uses a 5 speed gearbox, and i think only the final ratio is adjustable The Subaru "N13" SRT USA will be a much superiour car in almost every way, it's lighter, more powerful, better torque, better gearbox, better aerodynamics... the only thing that'd be worse would be the tarmac tyres, since in Rally America they used full treaded tyres, not semi slicks (and i don't really know if that changed on the recent years)
  11. Not to mention these Rally America cars runs with crazy as f*** anti lags that sounds like machine guns when off throttle...
  12. Seems like Codies next project leaked! Credits to my friend Rebellion765, made my day when i saw this on my inbox on facebook lol
  13. It's logical, since a new class with only one car (or two Evos) would be stupid to have
  14. Decide yourself man, the S14 is the WRC model, it can't be a R4 as well :p  What you mean is the WRX STi N14 (built by Prodrive) which was "forward homologated" to R4 There's a rule that all older N4 cars homologated after 2011 (or something like that) would be automatically eligible on the R4 class (they also said no new cars would be homologated on this class, but that's really not what i'm seeing recently lol) anyway, where's the gossip? we are just a spark from igniting the Imprezas discussion again, you know...
  15. Same here, there wasn't a single part that looked like this image, 99% of the time i had a big cliff on one of my sides and a big drop on the other that had either Snowbanks + trees or concrete walls "preventing" me from falling directly into hell
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