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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I like the potential this game has, but it NEEDS CONTROLLER DEADZONE ADJUSTMENT asap. Every good driving game needs a deadzone adjustment, it's like driving with loose tierod ends. My controller works great with other driving games, but this game will not give me quality control with just saturation and sensitivity. In fact, if you set the saturation full and sensitivity very low, you can actually see and feel how bad the open deadzone is. It makes it very hard to put the car where you want when fine control is not responsive, I end up sawing at th controls to keep the car in control. This isn't how rally works, feels more like driving a well worn tractor wheel.  Also, there is still work to be done with the physics for sure, once the deadzone adjustment is available it will be more playable.  Most of all, thank you for continuing to make rally games. I hope this one gets even more serious before it's done.