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  1. RallyManAndyWRC

    What are Your Top 5 Rally Cars?

    Here's my top 5; 1. Peugeot 306 Maxi 2. Peugeot 206 WRC 3. Toyota Corolla WRC 4. Citroen C4 WRC 5. Ford Escort MK2 (modern spec) I know @rallycameraman will appreciate number 1! Seem's we both share the same passion for the 306 Maxi!
  2. RallyManAndyWRC

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Just been thinking, one feature I'd like to see is launch control! I think it'd be cool if you could use this feature on cars that are actually fitted with them I.e wrc cars, S2000 cars and the others etc. I wouldn't have thought it'd be hard to implement?  Select gear > hold handbrake > build up revs (game holds at optimum revs) > Go (release handbrake) obviously I know people could jump start, if this happens hand them a penalty 10-15 seconds which could be added on at the end. if people didn't want to use this feature just have it like normal, select gears > hold throttle wide open > go > game automatically launches car like previous games. i know launch control would give some cars an advantage off the line but every WRC car has them, why not have them on the game?
  3. RallyManAndyWRC

    DiRT Rally Championship

    is there a rough date that this will start?
  4. RallyManAndyWRC

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Rallycross was confirmed to be apart of future rally titles :) I don't mind rally cross, I quite enjoy it but I think there's just to much of a big demand to have a pure rally game
  5. RallyManAndyWRC

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    If you want to make the true rally game you need to forget baja, gymkhana, rallycross etc, take a look at uk rallying. If you have a career mode start with the junior series or rally first program where you start with a micra, Toyota aygo, peugeot 107 or Citroen c1. Have a multi surface championship where you do 3 rounds on Tarmac and 3 on gravel with events like the jim Clark, the Manx, epynt, Wales gb national event. After a season of this move onto faster cars and have a 1.6 nova/corsa, mg zr, cars like that. Once the uk championship has been won move onto something like the ERC where you can use group N/S2000 or if you don't want to do global events have the older wrc cars like the 206, xsara, bug eyed impreza, accent.... Also you could still keep the older cars in a historic category where you can have escorts (mk 1 & 2), Porsche 911, manta's etc Also for the more advanced gamers you could have a recce where you could adjust or create your own pacenotes. Also 2 shakedown session to set the car up properly, I think that an advanced set up option would be great as moving a box on a bar isn't very accurate. Another thing dirt is missing out on is the ability to create your own graphic designs, all the games like need for speed and forza all have these features, although pre made designs are a bad idea in my book. With reference to the stages I'd prefer longer, more techincal stages and also changeable whether conditions which actually make a difference to the handling and characteristics. These are just my opinions but I think that the older Colin McRae games need to be modernised.
  6. RallyManAndyWRC

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Please just have a rally focused game, like the good old Colin McRae games but with up to date cars, handling, stages etc also more than 6 locations would be good
  7. RallyManAndyWRC

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Your team name: xRage Rallying A team logo (if available) The names of the members of your team: xRage xNemesis & XRAGE XENIGMA The platform you’ll both be playing on (you don’t have to both be on the same platform): Xbox 360 If you would like to be part in the livestreams (events to take place on Wednesday’s at 8pm UK time): no thanks