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  1. Here's my top 5; 1. Peugeot 306 Maxi 2. Peugeot 206 WRC 3. Toyota Corolla WRC 4. Citroen C4 WRC 5. Ford Escort MK2 (modern spec) I know @rallycameraman will appreciate number 1! Seem's we both share the same passion for the 306 Maxi!
  2. Just been thinking, one feature I'd like to see is launch control! I think it'd be cool if you could use this feature on cars that are actually fitted with them I.e wrc cars, S2000 cars and the others etc. I wouldn't have thought it'd be hard to implement?  Select gear > hold handbrake > build up revs (game holds at optimum revs) > Go (release handbrake) obviously I know people could jump start, if this happens hand them a penalty 10-15 seconds which could be added on at the end. if people didn't want to use this feature just have it like normal, select gears > h
  3. is there a rough date that this will start?
  4. Rallycross was confirmed to be apart of future rally titles :) I don't mind rally cross, I quite enjoy it but I think there's just to much of a big demand to have a pure rally game
  5. If you want to make the true rally game you need to forget baja, gymkhana, rallycross etc, take a look at uk rallying. If you have a career mode start with the junior series or rally first program where you start with a micra, Toyota aygo, peugeot 107 or Citroen c1. Have a multi surface championship where you do 3 rounds on Tarmac and 3 on gravel with events like the jim Clark, the Manx, epynt, Wales gb national event. After a season of this move onto faster cars and have a 1.6 nova/corsa, mg zr, cars like that. Once the uk championship has been won move onto something like the ERC where you c
  6. Please just have a rally focused game, like the good old Colin McRae games but with up to date cars, handling, stages etc also more than 6 locations would be good
  7. Your team name: xRage Rallying A team logo (if available) The names of the members of your team: xRage xNemesis & XRAGE XENIGMA The platform you’ll both be playing on (you don’t have to both be on the same platform): Xbox 360 If you would like to be part in the livestreams (events to take place on Wednesday’s at 8pm UK time): no thanks
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