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  1. Native Oculus and Steam VR support.
  2. c4rLo5

    Dirt 5 Wishlist

    Oculus and Steam VR support
  3. Codies call it HDR in the hardware settings xml, but a better term would be Auto-Exposure, similar to the Assetto Corsa Post Processing Filter setting that automatically brightens and darkens the scene depending on how many dark/bright areas are visible. So if you are in VR and your viewpoint is from deep inside are dark cockpit, the Auto exposure brightens the whole scene and in the case of the snow locations, over exposes those already bright areas in your vision making it difficult to see. As you move your head/view towards the windscreen, and away from the darker cockpit, the auto exposure reduces the overall brightness and reduces the exposure making the scene more visible. I don't know for sure that this is what is happening, but that's what I imagine is going on.
  4. @PJTierney Could we please have a slider or option to select something between "Enable locked orientation" in the VR comfort settings? Locked to vehicle is probably my preference but over really bumpy roads it would be nice to have a little "head physics" but not all the way to the floaty locked to horizon. Hope that makes sense. Basically something in between on and off would be ideal.
  5. c4rLo5

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Very excited about what you guys have done so far. Congratulations! My wishlist includes the following 1 More options/settings for Wheel Calibration/Support for 900 Degree rotation 2 More FFB settings 3 More FOV adjustment and SEAT position adjustment 4 Triple screen support for sided screen angle/FOV/distance/size etc Love the simple elegant UI. Love the visuals and lighting. Love the sounds. The only thing ATM that IMO could do with some improvement is Characters (resolution)and character movement. But love it so far overall.