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    The Future at Codemasters

    I'm looking forward to the Autosport game but of course I would like to see the next Grid for the New generation.  But I think everyone is going to ask for it after Autosport :) It excites me to think about Dirt 4 on PS4.. Not sure on what platforms it will be. What I would like to see from Codemasters are multiple things, here some ideas: - Bike focused Racing game (from MotoGP to Motocross) - Micro machines comeback (just like the Classic on PS1 but with more Players, allow On/Offline Multiplayer ) Make it DL only if it doesn't make sense otherwise! - Demolition Derby type of game (What you tried with Dirt:Showdown but more like  the Classic Destruction Derby games from Psygnosis. Everyone loved them back in the days! Even Destruction Derby Arenas on PS2 offered some cool content! Put in normal races + the most ridiculous game modes(Last man standing while racing type of mode), tracks with sharp 90 degree curves, crazy jumps or even loopings, wide variety of cars from small like beetles to big like Monster Trucks  or just generally over the top like a Formula car (No licensed cars but instead the best possible damage physics (Bugbear/ BeamNG style). Give the player as much freedom as possible for the Race settings. Amount of cars/players (make a minimum of 5 cars for example) Every type of car belongs to a certain category, the player can chose to mix up the cars whitin the categories, Hardcore mode with forced cockpit view (fantasy cockpit, lol) and so on... The engine should be able to pull off spectacular smoke/explosion effects.   All these things should be possible with the New Generation of Hardware (Especially PS4/PC). Lets be honest: We all know that there will be lots of normal racing games for this gen but my last suggestion is exactly the type of game I miss. You would be the perfect Dev for this kind of game if you ask me :)