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  1. PsychicParrot

    Oooh boy, still no FFB for Open Sim Wheel?

    It makes a fairly good arcade racing game. Just plug in a controller or pretend you're playing Sega Rally and the FFB is 'fine' 😉
  2. PsychicParrot

    can we have ETA on FFB / bug fixes codemasters

    First up Bogani, mate, my post says pretty clearly "To me" it's unplayable. That's meant to mean "I think it is" but if I wasn't clear, sorry bout that. Fact is, I think the experience of driving in DR2.0 is boring BUT if they ever finish/fix this, it could be the best rally game there is - until then, it's a game I don't want to play because it doesn't feel even in the slightest bit realistic to drive with a wheel. Whether or not you agree with that doesn't really come into it. Codemasters still need to be pushed to fix it. Yeah, sorry, there is a centering spring. It's just all the REALLY IMPORTANT FFB that's missing. There is a lot more to reading the cars relationship to the road than that. Anyway, I'm not here to say why or whether or not other people enjoy the game - I'm here to bug Codemasters to fix it. If you're happy with the game, I'm happy for you. You should go play it now instead of worrying about us badgering a large game company to fix their broken game 😉 Cheers!
  3. PsychicParrot

    can we have ETA on FFB / bug fixes codemasters

    It'd be good to hear something official about this other than 'we know'. To me - without FFB on the wheel - it's unplayable. 5 days after launch, still broken / unfinished with no ETA? Yeah, I agree it's insulting.
  4. PsychicParrot

    Force feedback

    Thanks, Grumps! I've followed your instructions (I actually started following your posts on the Steam discussions- thanks so much for posting your findings, man - I really appreciate it) and I'm still really disappointed with how it feels. If that's as good as it gets then we're in trouble 😞 it's so dull to drive. Soooo dull.
  5. PsychicParrot

    Force feedback

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is not worth playing with a steering wheel. If you play with an xbox controller or whatever, it's probably a good game. I can't put up with it personally, though, and I've stopped playing the game altogether after just 2 hours. I'll go back to it if they add/finish the force feedback but it's not worth it until they do - very flat, very boring feeling.
  6. PsychicParrot

    No Force feedback Dirt Rally 2.0

    Same here. No real force feedback from Thrustmaster TX Leather - only center spring. None of the things people are posting about 'possible fix' or 'making it better' make any difference to my set up. FFB is dead. Ruins what would otherwise be a cool game.