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  1. Good luck with your next endeavor @Hatward and thanks for your work on the Dirt series!
  2. Whoa, a Dakar game with an open dunes section, awesome. But wait. Is that a.. MINI MAP?!
  3. Long hours and low pay doing repetitive tasks. At the contract employee level you will probably be given test plans that you execute over and over, not really free form bug hunting. But I have never worked on that side of things, and it probably varies considerably between organizations.
  4. You could probably find better / more accurate game coverage at the bottom of your nearest garbage can.
  5. Thread cleaned, this comment makes no sense now :smile:
  6. Just wait till the dudebro DLC hits for D4.
  7. Fesh fesh. Cool seeing a car there, I have only seen moto vids out there.
  8. This is exactly my plan too, have a handful of "best of" stages that I can sprinkle into my roadbooks, but mostly rely on random stages.
  9. Awesome, can't wait to see what you guys have cooking.
  10. Man, that's a lot of positions open at nearly every level of game development. If I were to take a guess, this is anticipation of a big churn cycle driven by a large amount of employees no longer having the work visas needed to be employed in the UK. But I hope I am wrong, CM losing access to a vast talent pool doesn't bode well for the quality of future titles.
  11. Wait, you can buy perks? Hah Ford is listed as US in the game.
  12. I agree with limiting licensing. The removal of games like Dirt 3 and Alan Wake from sale just shows what a bad idea non-perpetual licensing is for games from a consumer perspective. But hey, it moves boxes I guess.
  13. I like fast cars when they go vroom vroom But when I hit the tree all I hear is boom boom Now I have to drive five miles down stage On a punctured tire and it's making me rage
  14. My Team -> Staff                                                                
  15. I saw that and did a double take myself hah
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