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  1. I just found out there is no "Pro" in the difficulty options .. where is this "Pro" come from ??
  2. What difficulty you playing exactly ?? Anyway i will upload a video for this issue when i play again .. one video better than 1000 words. Pro. Looks like we are talking about different AI then, i play with Very Hard.
  3. What difficulty you playing exactly ?? Anyway i will upload a video for this issue when i play again .. one video better than 1000 words.
  4. I say most of the race event in this game (depend on the car type) can accept contact with others ... or just take the AI in this game as an excellent example, they knock you whenever they have the chance or even come from behind with high speed ans use you as a brake to slow themselve down right before the apex. So no need to be too clean i say, this is not F1.
  5. Have to agree to this one. Many times AI from behind come to me with high speed & actually use me as a brake to slow down their car when making any sharp corner and i get knock off track or push far away from apex as a result .. very dirty & violent AI i must say. I talking about "Very Hard" AI.
  6. What exactly is that "Vibration Strength" for ?? Make the wheel vibrate more ?? In what situation ?? Thanx first.
  7. If yes then they should already did that for Grid 2. Anyway may be it can be done but too much job for modder to work it for free i guess ;)
  8. Haha i actually even surprise it actually have nothing to do with interior at all since interior is the worst compare to others .. but its ok at least i know the cockpit will not getting better for whatever reason.
  9. So this "huge, free high res texture DLC" is to even sharper or higher any textures that is already quite high res example like crowds or track or exterior car view or sky or cloud or tree but ignore & leave that low res cockpit like what it is now ?? Ok that make sense i guess B-)
  10. By the way PC user gonna have a "huge, free high res texture DLC" .. i wonder if one of the purpose of this dlc is to better the current low tex cockpit view.
  11. Come on this "only gave them a year to turn this around" thing doesnt make sense at all. I mean since when Grid become annual title ?? Who actually expect 3rd Grid title out so fast one year after the 2nd one ?? So why rush to announce it if they actually not ready ?? Yeah i agree everything in those preview video looks great (except AI i guess) but i am hardcore cockpit player so if the final cockpit still like that then i just dont feel like spend money on it, i dont expect it to be super high detail but at least not like this which is so cheap & low.
  12. Haha. Actually we should look at the crowds when racing instead of look at anything else. So crowds should be 3D and everything else 1D or blur out is more than enough :))
  13. Even the game has 8000 cars & 1000 tracks but we always only load max say 24 cars & 1 track at a time so how many cars or tracks the game have doesnt really affect the RAM in gameplay too much but only the game size. And just because you have more cars & tracks to deal with so that become impossible to make a cockpit view at least like Grid 1 ?? Am sorry i dont think it make sense. Like i say no one actually expecting this Grid come out so fast so why the hell they announce it if they actually still need time to polish the game ?? It not like Grid series have to come out every
  14. I dont think so, because if they not ready why not just keep the game in the dark and only announce after everything is done since actually no one is expecting this Grid come so fast just one year after Grid 2. No one. So the lack of time is not logic. No one actually know this game is coming if you dont announce it going to release at late of June. Its more like they actually not quite interested to do it for the same reason as Grid 2 but force to do it for marketing purposes to say: "See cockpit is back" as one extra selling point so the result is we have a lazy & low detail cockpit wh
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