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  1. Waiting for tomorrow  :p   Hype is 19 characters too short
  2. I hope for a Dirt Show announcement on Monday. 
  3. Update next monday/week? I hope they add the new achievements this week  :p
  4. Nice gossiping on twitter  :p (and Paul has "confirmed" i20) https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/663050631108800512
  5. It would be great if there is a lobby where you can join with random people (or friends), the host selects stages and cars and you just do the stage and wait. There would be a limited time to complete the stage . Then results are shown. That would be perfect imo with no other cars needed. 
  6. If only we could have that camera angles?...
  7. Release tomorrow?  :p Hype is 22 characters too short.
  8. The tweet with Focus picture has been deleted  :/
  9. Today's date is still in the timeline after Paul said someone was trolling. On Monday they deleted the date when someone told him the timeline said 26th october... 
  10. So the Evo X is not Paul's favourite car  :p
  11. "Make sure you stay safe over the weekend and you never know - you might catch us on the next DiRT Show soon". Waiting for a Dirt Show to be announced.
  12. I bet for the C4. Paul said he favourite car of this pack is the "red one", so I think it could be the C4 with Red Bull or Total livery. I still hope for a DS3, Polo or i20. 
  13. So the update should be released next week?
  14. I guess this has already been posted here but I'm surprised about reading this. It makes sense, we'll have the Focus RS in the 2010s class (Fiesta out) and the 2015 cars. I put it here for more gossip :) https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/dirt-rally-car-list-not-wishlist.327657/
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