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  1. Game will randomly hang and then subsequently crash whilst doing any on-track activity, more specifically during a race in My Career. Can't get to the end of Bahrain without the game seizing up and then crashing out. This hasn't been an occurrence since playing from launch and has only seemed to happen since the update that introduced Imola. Not sure at the time of the crash but currently it is GADB-VMCJ-GVRH-BPMG PC - Steam My Career DXDIAG Attached. Motherboard is an ASUS Z170 PRO I've validated all files through Steam, no files were found damaged or missing. I
  2. I'm having a pretty similar issue in My Team career, though for the first half of the season it wasn't an issue, it was only until i got to Hungary that i noticed the issue start to occur. Now i'm not the best at fuel consumption, so i usually stuck in +1 lap worth of fuel and that'd last me no problem until the end of the race, but in Hungary my fuel was burning at an insane rate. Playing at 100% race length, i'd basically get down to low fuel around halfway through the race! Racing exactly the same as i would usually, i'd be losing 0.5/6 units of fuel per lap, even when i applied coasting an
  3. Description of Issue: During a race, Jeff will tell me that my engine has an issue and the subtitles appear on the screen, however they will not go away after the voice lone has been spoken and from then on, i cannot access the radio menu. Does not affect race progression or going on to complete the race, however the subtitles will remain on the screen through the podium cutscene and post-race leaderboards. This has happened twice during separate races. Report Code : PMJS-SGGM-EXEV-VTMG Platform: PC Mode: My Team Single Player DXDIAG Attatched Troubleshooting: Re
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