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  1. JGod24

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    I chose DiRT 2 over DiRT 3 (by far the best 2 games in my mind) for 4 main reasons: 1. The variety of cars and tracks. I loved the menu map as a way to see all the different distinct racing locations, and despite there being so many options, I can't think of one place where I dreaded racing in the career (Novigrad Raid, Battersea Rallycross, and Utah Trailblazer were my favs). I also loved all the different truck and buggy options. I never understood why DiRT 3 got rid of all the different types and just had one stock "truck" and "buggy". The variety made the races feel more strategic and unique. It was also sooooo much fun beating people using the Toyota stadium trucks with a Stukka TT! Even in the DiRT 3 RX discipline there was really only one good car that everyone used (Subaru WRX). In DiRT 2, I almost never saw all 8 people use the same car (besides Ickler buggy). 2. Amazing soundtrack. I know I know, the soundtrack shouldn't be that big of a deal in a racing game, but honest to God DiRT 2s soundtrack is my absolute favorite video game soundtrack of all time. Living in America, I hadn't heard almost any of the songs before, but now I've got close to the entire thing on my iPod (I'm now a huge The Automatic, Steadlur, and Elbow fan thanks to this game). DiRT 3s wasn't necessarily bad, but it didn't play the songs during the loading screens like DiRT 2 did, and there weren't quite as many songs either. Just wasn't the same level of greatness. 3. No gymkhana. Don't get me wrong, I actually liked gymkhana (and love the YouTube videos) when I played DiRT 3, but it does get very repetitive, especially in career mode when you're forced to play it. If it had been just a party mode game like transporter and outbreak that would've been awesome, but I hated when it would pop up in the Competitive playlist online. Because of this there was really no way to play all the different pure racing disciplines while staying in a single lobby (it was WAY too frequent for me to like the competitive playlist). Had it been a smaller part of the game, it would have been a fun addition, but the huge focus on it definitely hindered the career. I did love the freerides at Battersea, but I wish there had been more places to choose from 4. DiRT 2 is harder! DiRT 2s handling required absolute precision in order not to spin or crash, which made it very rewarding once you mastered it! It was by no means unfair, but it was definitely a challenge. In DiRT 3 on the other hand, I can have no assists on and the AI at the max difficulty setting and not only win, but dominate easily! Also, in DiRT 3, whenever I race my non-racing game playing friends, I'll beat them by a handy margin, but even they still manage to keep up with the computer cars and usually stay out of last. However, if I have them play DiRT 2, they're literally wrecking almost every corner, and I'll consistently lap them when we play Rallycross. It takes way way waaaay more skill to be good at DiRT 2 than it takes to be good at DiRT 3, which makes it really fun to be good at DiRT 2.
  2. JGod24

    DiRT videos

    . Via a Capture Card. My personal preference is the AverMedia Game Capture HD, although it is becoming obsolete now. thanks!
  3. JGod24

    DiRT videos

    Can someone tell me what they use to record on consoles? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to anything tech related so I'm still "that guy" who has to record his tv to make a video. That being said, here's an ugly video of some cool free ride stunts at the Battersea compound! http://youtu.be/K9YQPirx9Kw
  4. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

    I HATED the raid rally. The cars are so slow that I didnt have any problems with cornering, but I was still losing tons of time :/ Guess the setup/manual gears are really important for those. I loved the snow trailblazer though! Good racing everyone! Cant even comprehend how some of you are so fast, well done! 
  5. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 5 - The Final

    Name: XXyuraCORFxx Team: Redline Racing Stage 1 Time: 2:45.379 Stage 2 Time: 2:53.846 Stage 3 Time: 2:30.768 Stage 4 Time: 2:08.151
  6. Name: XXyuraCORFxx Team: Redline Racing Stage 1: 2:33.854 Stage 2: 2:23.547 Stage 3: 0:55.125 Sucks i had to miss last week's stages. My PBs would've put me around 5th place too :[
  7. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    Name: XXyuraCORFxxTeam: Redline Racing STAGE 1 TIME: 2:35.273 STAGE 2 TIME: 2:16.145 STAGE 3 TIME: 3:01.235
  8. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Same here man. Managed 9th with just a standard 360 controller
  9. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Name: XXyuraCORFxx Team: Redline Racing STAGE 1 TIME: 2:25.636 STAGE 2 TIME: 2:30.565 STAGE 3 TIME: 2:39.993
  10. I also think it would help if they made hitting a wall a time penalty or more harmful to your car. Some of the tracks (such as the Monaco head2head tracks) pretty much require wall riding to get anywhere near the WR time.
  11. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Team Name: Redline Racing  Members: XXyuraCORFxx (solo for now). Platform: XBox 360.  Twitch Wednesdays: Will participate whenever possible! 
  12. JGod24

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Anyone want to team up with me? I'm on the Xbox 360 Gamertag: XXyuraCORFxx I'm pretty damn good at the game so I'd like a good teammate but really anyone is fine!