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  1. PC, Deluxe After downloading the big updates the past 5 days (Version 1.5) I'm getting heavy input lag / Force Feedback lag. It's as if the steering is too slow and the effects comes later than they should.. eg: I'll drive over the cattle-border in New Zealand and the effect happens just after i passed the gate. other times the wheel (Logitech G29) will pull (SAT forces) AFTER the car has been straightened up in a corner. it's very confusing.. I'm getting consistent 60 FPS the issue seems to be strongest when running the game in Window or Borderless, while Fullscreen is better, but not perfect. Also, the issue seems to be related to framerate, when driving a stage in night with rain where the FPS is not consistant 60fps its much much worse than sunshine stages..
  2. Montago

    when buying new cars...

    I didn't know that... is it true ?
  3. Who in their right mind would ever drive on "Winter" tires when the road is glaced with ice ??? Dirt Rally 1 had what i would consider spiked tires - they had traction throughout the whole stage of Monte Carlo ... In Dirt Rally 2 it feels like driving summer tires in snow. it's insane.
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    Yeah the AI are pretty stupid and i rage quit after the AI had fishtailed me for the 10th time. They drive like tanks and trying to fishtail them only result in failure.
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    when buying new cars...

    Why the hell would you ever buy more than one of the same car ? why is this an option ? to have every car in every color option ? at least there is something to spend money on, compared to DR1 where you piled up millions of credits you couldn't spend.
  6. Firstly: Dirt Rally 1 had an almost perfect Advanced Graphics dialogue Altering settings in Dirt Rally 2.0 is horrible because: 1. The replay doesn't pause when opening settings, which makes it nearly impossible to optimize the settings for a specific situation: eg. while looking at Crowds, Trees, Forest, Specal lightning, Raining.,.. etc.. 2. Advanced graphics dialogue doesn't explain ANY of the settings available 3. Advanced graphics dialogue has the background blurred, making it annoying to go back/forth to alter settings that you cannot see in effect. 4. Advanced graphics dialogue fills the whole screen, instead it should be smaller and allow the game to be seen. 5. Some settings rely on others to function, but the menu doesn't suggest to the user that things are connected: eg: Shader level High/Low and Bloom greately affects textures and lighting - both settings are required ON/High to make the rest function correctly. Extra: 6. TAA needs an explanation and should be part of the AA filter-list instead of being an extra option
  7. Dirt Rally 1 had beautiful speed/direction-sensitive rain effect and it was possible to drive at night without being blind. Dirt Rally 2.0 has horrible , cheap, canned rain effect that belongs in the 2005 games... Please upgrade the Rain effect to look like DR1 !!!!
  8. Why can't i turn on headlights before start ? if the conditions are DUSK / DAWN and its dark, why do i have to pass start before turning them on ? Allow headlights to be turned on before start please !
  9. Montago

    DR 2.0 : Season 3

    I miss Greece ... would be awesome to get it into the game too !