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  1. Eckblad49

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Codemasters want to make a realistice game. And apparently they are happy that have succeeded in that. Unfortunately the number of night stages prove that they have not made a realistic game. It must be possible to adjust this without a huge amount of work. I am looking forward to that.
  2. Eckblad49

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    And yet again there's trouble connecting to Racenet. "Communicating with Racenet" and nothing happens. At 1PM CET everything was OK and now it's downhill again. What will happen on Tuesday when thousands of new players will try to connect to Racenet.?
  3. Eckblad49

    Racenet outages

    I cannot believe that I paid for early access and Racenet is down. All the time. I can't start a career or do challenges so that I would be able to earn some cash.