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  1. Codemasters want to make a realistice game. And apparently they are happy that have succeeded in that.

    Unfortunately the number of night stages prove that they have not made a realistic game.

    It must be possible to adjust this without a huge amount of work.

    I am looking forward to that.


  2. When I logged into Dirt 4 to continue the weekly events one of them was closed as DNF and in the second event I had to start all over with stage one. Earlier this week I had completed five stages in both of them.
    Furthermore the monthly event was closed as DNF even though I already had completed a couple of stages yesterday and the day before.
    Has anyone else experienced this.?
    This doesn't encourage drivers to take part in coming Dirt 4 events.
    Cheers Eckblad

  3. I bought Dirt a long time ago and have been driving almost every day with my trusted G25 wheel.
    Then all of a sudden yesterday the wheel is no longer recognized. All I can choose is the keyboard and there is no fun in using that.
    I have verified the integrity of the game cache to no avail. Uninstalled the game and re-installed the game and it does not get any better.
    Logitech drivers are up to date and Dirt Rally can be chosen in the profiler.
    The wheel works just fine in Pcars and Assetto Corsa.
    Anyone else had this problem.? Or does anyone have suggestions for a solution  of this problem.?