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  1. Im looking forward to see that in which class they will place the Gt porsche in. Most natural is probably r4/n? Or will they create separate gt class and add more cars into it? (For examble Abarth 124)
  2. First of all I want to say that I dont have the game because of my crappy pc, so as some other people also do, I would like a console version.
    Next is some countries to race in. Sweden, Germany, Finland and Mexico perhaps. Theres a lot of good stages in those countries!
    Last thing so far is cars. I would like to see Audi s1( I know there is a quattro but still ), Lancia 037, Opel manta 400,Toyota corolla wrc, escort mk2 with left steering, maybe some modern wrc cars (polo/i20 exc.),  Toyota celica gt four, r-cars (r2, r3, r5...)  and few 2000's wrc cars (Ford focus wrc, Skoda octavia wrc, Subaru impreza wrc, Mitsubishi lancer evo wrc) 

    IkI know that the list is long and everything on that list is not possible to be implumented into game but I hope that I see atleast some of them, specially the Console version!
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