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  1. Boyan

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    You have to increase the FFB to 150 in order to sense there is actually some kind of FFB in this game, as if my controller is running on low battery and it isn't. The FFB in GAS was really poor compared to let's say Forza 7 and Horizon, but in this game one can hardly say there is FFB at all which makes cars soulless and not fun to drive. How can we give you detailed feedback on something that is actually totally missing. Not buying the game until this and multiplayer issues are fixed. Tested on XBOX One S. Triggers have no sensible ffb.
  2. Boyan

    Welcome to the new GRID

    green = GAS blue = Grid 2019 I always complained GAS is dead online... it however still survives while the new one dies rapidly. I wonder why this happens? Probably because codemasters are not saying a word about their plans for the new GRID - will they modify the multiplayer to make the community happy or they will leave it like it is (it hardly "is", more accurate would be "isn't" :)). As someone wrote in another thread - at the moment this game and this forum are waste of time. Where are you Codemasters?
  3. Boyan

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    How do you know? P.S.: I get salary tomorrow... hopefully something will convince me I have to spend some 30€...
  4. Boyan

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    I wonder how from here on they would sell a GRID game without releasing a demo first...
  5. Boyan

    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    Is it not already dead? Too bad for the 240 different AI personalities... 😄
  6. Boyan

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Okay, but how in the first place they were thinking they could release the game as it is?! There for sure is too much of a misconception here...
  7. Boyan

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    ...such a fail this GRID is! Unbelievable! So sad!
  8. Boyan

    Floaty or drifty steering (XB1)

    It might be connected with your settings. I would recommend setting all deadzones to "0" and very important - "Steering linearity" to "0" also. Good luck! P.S.: my suggestions are based on my experience with all previous GRID games. I still have not bought the new one as before I do a need to be sure the multiplayer is fixed.
  9. Thanks for your reply! Too bad, it's a great game!
  10. Anyone? I've tried but there were no online lobbies, nor playlists populated. I was wondering whether the problem is on my side or it's simply dead? The racenet service is not working either. Any feedback would be appreciated! P.S.: I have it for PC too but wanna play on the console.
  11. I didn't really need to train in single as 1st GAS is very similar in handling to the first GRID, only a little more sim (which I like) and 2nd I had the game upon release so there weren't many trained players online anyways :)
  12. I have never actually played single player in GAS exactly because of what you wrote, but who cares about single?:)
  13. If we are talking about a complete GRID game I think we have only RD GRID to talk about. :) In my opinion if GAS was complete (+text chat and spectating from lobby) and 100% of its' features were working it is no doubt the best game of all. I'd even say the most enjoyable racing game ever. It's very enjoyable even now when you manage to find a lobby with good old players.
  14. Good idea, but I would've listed all GRID releases as possible answers. I personally think GAS is the best and it is the one that needs to be remastered. Anyway I voted YES cause the first one is also worth buyin remastered. 🙂