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  1. Let's call this a beta version and move from there :)
  2. Thanks! I got the sprint and the Road & Track car pack... :) 
  3. Hello everyone, I only have the Touring Legends DLC and am looking to buy two more. Which ones would you recommend to me? I am looking for DLC's which would allow me to join a custom cup online... meaning I need to know which are the DLC's that most people have so that I can play online with them.. :) I am looking at the "Sprint pack" & "Road & Track car pack" - are these the right choice having in mind the written above? Thanks for your answeArs in advance! :) BlackDog
  4. I'm on PC and haven't had any issues for a month or more, my steam friends play often as well and have not complained either. My PC is quite an old one and I am forced to play the game at ultra low settings to avoid lag... Haven't come across dead sessions either, nor disconnects etc... game's perfectly playable atm.
  5. Hi everyone, There are a few issues that I run into very often lately: 1. When I go to multiplayer I get the message "You are not connected to Steam.. etc" (and believe me I am connected to Steam) and I cannot connect 2. When I happen to connect without getting the message above I only see a couple of online lobbies and they are usually dead 3. When it occasionally happens to join a session and finally start racing I very often lately get the message "You lost connection to the session.. .etc" Adding the issue with the online AI not starting the race makes the multi unplayable and extremely
  6. You answered the reason right there . its cause of all your fellow countryman that are idiots as to why you get the shaft. You are either a 10 year-old or an idiot yourself for saying this... How can you judge a person based on his nationality? I'd have banned you from the forums for this post. 
  7. You can test this in online - all you have to do is buy a second, brand new car and upgrade it to the level you want to test it at. Note that there is no limitation as to how many cars of the same model you have in your garage, all you need is slots... Hope this helps. P.S.: there is difference between a stock tuned car and an upgraded and tuned one - it is not huge but when it comes to good drivers it's more than enough to get you a sec or two advantage. P.S.2: what I am wondering is whether the win ratio of a car makes any difference in its performance... if it doesn't then why it is at
  8. I've never had any issues with the game except the repair costs which have been fixed and am now fully enjoying it!  If it had the text chat in online it would have been 10/10 for me, now it's 9/10 and still the best racing game I've played ever (I am a GRID 1 fan too but it had less cars and tracks so it's 8.9/10) ;) If all of you complainers think the game is crap simply stop playing it and move over, it's that simple.
  9. I kind of knew the answer... ;) anyway thanks! :)
  10. It's not only you... http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2526/fix-the-money-please-8p#latest
  11. I'd prefer racing the "buggy" GRID Autosport than having to wait for another few months and race nothing (GRID 2 is parked in my account long ago and forever)...  There are only two bugs I've come across so far. The 1st one is to do with the refresh rate when playing on a 42" TV and the other one is when you create a custom cup with AI at the last event of the cup some of the AI's simply don't start the race and hang at the start line which somehow freezes the game and it just stays on the finish results and never returns to the lobby. For the time being I live with both and enjoy the rea
  12. The problem is not only the full screen but the fact that the game runs with refresh rate less than 60Hz and it lags.
  13. I don't know but the way it is now it's simply pointless to buy a car and "bond" with it.  It's a shame that one of the best features of the game becomes pointless to use.
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