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  1. That turbo whizzle tho... Why can't we have that on our Audi? I'd play the shait out of that...
  3. Now that just doesn't fit Pontiac at all! In other related news: Until when did the Kadett live in your Country? Here in Brazil it went up to 1998... (since we're all off topic'ng, lemme catch that bus too! :blush: )
  4. It's looking ok. I think we will need to grow and rework our tech to make a big step forward from DR but your voices have been heard.  As for that Fockin Vauxhall Astra... You can fock o... https://youtu.be/-BK1LFlPVb0?t=1m58s  :D 
  5. I can't believe you've spent 246 hours playing it with a keyboard. How have you not cracked and got a controller or wheel? It's more satisfying to be in the Top 5 of a Daily this way :wink: I've been doing this so long, practicing with a Controller or buying a wheel seems too much effort. Yeah that's true. I certainly admire the times you are capable of with a keyboard. Yep, KeyBros with fast times are pretty much proud of themselves, since it's a bigger challenge not to have full precision of controls. Like this game so much that I already did 263 hours with keyboard. You
  6. Had we lost faith in Vauxhall Astra? I believe we'll end up not getting the Renault Maxi Megane, but the Astra would be an awesome addition. :neutral: 
  7. 5.28.somethingsomething Damn! Is there any video of this? Made 5:37 now, and thought that was good:P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQDkVCl2Au8 That grip though
  8. You do realise that engine displacement doesn't matter? The cars still produce 300BHP anyway and they have the same weight limit. Suspension is newer on '11 ones but like you mentioned restrictions came regarding electronic aids, so it should level out nicely. Putting an '07 car against an '01 ones is a complete and utter nonsense. But if that's the case, and they are also adding the C4 , then that would alreay add up to 1300k for just these two cars. which would mean only two R4 cars, no modern WRC cars like the Polo and a total of 4 cars for a pure car update... seems unlikely But I agr
  9. Well, some F2s are possible... or not if Renault is still an arse. I wonder what happened with the Astra...
  10. Stop ruining my dreams. I'll hope for the Xsara untill all cars are released. No matter what the tweets say Want Xsara or 206? Wait for SLRE...  Kappa Might try this one as well! If them sounds are as good as the trailer (which I somewhat doubt), should be a fun one!
  11. Hmmm... any surprises within this new R4 class or nothing out of the ordinary (Mitsus + Scoobies)?
  12. Completely off topic @KickUp Sometimes it's easier to criticize the work of a team than to make a compliment. Often here in the foruns we focus only on things that can be improved. Positive criticism is good, but it's still criticism nevertheless. With that written, truth must be told: The updated Impreza sound is the most realistic I've ever heard in a game. EVER. EVERY aspect of it is just flawless. The engine, the anti-lag, the whine, the turbo chirps... Many congratulations! Keep the superb job! :blush: 
  13. Too many categories with too few cars, i'd say.
  14. Liveries without licensed sponsors can always be included. For example a pure Martini livery without sponsors can be easily included, or a simple matte black skin with some DiRT Rally stickers in a lighter black on it. Liveries don't start or end at licensed ones only. Not true. We couldn't put the Martini stripes into the game without permission from Martini as they hold the rights. At this stage we are unable to agree terms but we are still trying. Separate to that we couldn't write Martini on the livery because it is an alcohol brand and that is a restriction placed on video games. 
  15. Soooo... back on track... what would be the odds for us to get a Mistubishi in DiRT Rally?
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