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  1. gigiotto59

    The future of Grid

    I'd like to know the intentions of CM regarding the future of Grid. After season 3 what's the next step, if there will be a next step? Will they provide new DLC? Will they improve the multiplayer Mode. Those who played first Grid and Autosport years ago know very well what i mean, events and time attack ranking and more stuff every week. I hope someone have information about the future of this funny game.
  2. gigiotto59

    Can you change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk?

    I believe that due to restriction of licence, is not easy for Codemaster get an agreement with the car companies. It is all about money.
  3. gigiotto59

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    Senna94F1 wrote: I only played grid 2019 on a controller as I was told it did not work well with wheels and yet we were told it was for the casual sim racer and serious arcade racer too many people think that a wheel can be used only for a simulation game, not arcade one. NO! That's no true. The only difference is IN THE GAME, not in the wheel or pad. I play Grid with a wheel and is perfect.
  4. Hello guys, I did buy the ultimate version to get all three seasons and play with all cars. Unfortunately I notice that in the events placed on multiplayer there are not hypercars. I don't believe is fair that after buying Season 3 I can't use hypercars to play online.
  5. gigiotto59

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    I don't agree about this Grid best of the serie. The first version I believe was the best, we had other nice tracks than this Grid, also the multiplayer Mod was amazing, don't forget that we use to play in RACENET. It is inadmissible that 6 years ago we had Racenet and in 2020 is out. Also Grid autosport was a great game, full of events, you never got tired to play, I remember I played at least 2 years on racenet. I hope that CM will fix Racenet ( not sure ) and will modify the multiplayer mod, that's very important to keep people in the game.
  6. gigiotto59

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Multiplayer mode needs to be updated, i mean completely changed. So far no way to use season 3 cars, Bugatti, Koenigseeg and Ferrari, players need to be at least 12, not only 8. And what about Racenet?
  7. gigiotto59

    missing Chicago track

    I rembember the first GRID, maybe the best version of this version, I don't understand why CM they did not put Chicago tracks, it was so nice, large roads, long distance, perfect for drift in curves. I hope it was ready for season three, but it won't be there.
  8. gigiotto59

    4 Reasons why Autosport is better than grid 2019

    Grid autosport is different from first grid and the last grid version.
  9. I see a lot of people surprised about that, unfortunately it's been a while since Codamester is loosing credibility with his customers, . CM was one of the best game developpers for PS3, but with PS4 quality got worse. An example? this GRID 2019 has nothing to do with first GRID, it was fantastic. I don't know if they have new people of just want to save money, what I can see is that this Grid version did not sell so many copies and internet is full of complain about the game. What does it mean?
  10. gigiotto59

    Grid ultimate edition

    does anybody knows a date for season 3 release? I hope not to wait too long.
  11. gigiotto59

    GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 - Track Day Supercars

    Good news regarding season 2. Do you know release date for season 3? Will it be during the year?
  12. Hello everybody, is anybody knows the rotation angle for T300RS and good settings for GRID 2019 PS4? Really appreciate help,
  13. gigiotto59

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Hey there, ChrisGroverMCM said: We're looking at player feedback now (and all the time, really) to see trends and assess what areas of FFB you're discussing the most, so we know what to address. Feel free to give us some more detailed comments on what you're liking/dislking/want to see changed, so we can add it to our investigations. Thanks CM knows very well the issues on FBB, because is the same problem regarding all their racing games. My question is: Did they test Grid 2019 with steering wheel on console before sending to the shops? How lomg we have to wait to fix FBB on PS4 and XBOx?
  14. gigiotto59

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    I am tired to repeat the same things every time Codemasters release a racing game, is always the same story. FBB DOES NOT WORK, and that's happens in F1, Dirt rally and GRID, every racing game we have to wait 2-3 months to have a patch fixing FBB issues. That's no good guys, absolutely no good. CM must learn to take care of customers, they make racing game and they have to understand that people has steering wheel and want to use it. That's the third time that I report issues about wheel FBB and nothing has been made so far. I read a lot posts on the net and the problem is always the same, FBB issues.
  15. gigiotto59

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    How you can say that steering wheel has no FBB issues? I have T300 Thrustmaster ( PS4) and FBB is absent. I also played with my friend with PS4 and Logitech and FBB is unsatisfactory. We are waiting since release date and issues on FBB has been not solved yet.