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  1. Few months ago Thrustmaster said that T500 was not compatible with the next gen console, the only steering wheel working on PS5 were T300RS and F1 addon, T150, T80 and T'GT. It is possible that in the future an update can be released.
  2. Multiplayer mode needs to be updated, i mean completely changed. So far no way to use season 3 cars, Bugatti, Koenigseeg and Ferrari, players need to be at least 12, not only 8. And what about Racenet?
  3. Good news regarding season 2. Do you know release date for season 3? Will it be during the year?
  4. Logitech said that PS4 has a chip that wheels do not have, but i do not believe that, if was just a chip it could be very easy make a usb adaptor and make logitech wheels supported, sorry I don't trust them and specially I do not trust sony. Untill few months ago Project cars game said that logitch and fanatec wheels were supported with next gen, so? What happen later on? Why suddenly project cars change their mind? Who and why  told them " Only Thrusmaster wheels be supported  in the game? Who if not Sony? They are the only one who decide the release date of a game, they decide abo
  5. I think people prefer Grid 2 just because online is more funny, every race has a different winner. In Grid autosport who has the faster car always win, to have the faster car you must have money, to have much money you have to play every day for 4-5 hours.
  6. Grid Autosport has many locations but I don't know why, on the playlists we play always with the same, maybe  there is a technical reason? Come on CM, add other  tracks , increase the number of the turns, open your mind, you must keep gamers on Racenet.
  7. I prefer touring cars but I play much also street and open wheels. I love to go fast.
  8. On GRID 2 last friday started the new global challenge events but you can't see in Racenet site, everything works except global challenge, did you hear anything about that?    ( PS3 ).
  9. In the last 2 weeks I have been playing both Grid 2 and Grid A on line, it's incredible but Grid 2 has a lot of people more than  Grid Autosport. In the PM hours Grid 2 has always 12 drivers in every event, Grid A. has 6-9 drivers. My opinion is that Grid A multiplayer  is completely wrong, always same tracks, loan cars, not much money. Grid 2 is more funny, is a real challenge and never win the same driver, Codemasters should think about that and start to talk with people for the future games.
  10. I play driving games since the first day of PS2, so I think to have a little bit of experience. The multiplayer mod of Grid Autosport does not convince me, is too distracting,  each discipline has only  3-4 people playing, so after few minutes you get tired beacuse you don't earn much  money to buy other cars. Maybe is just a my feeling, but in any game developed by Codemaster there is always something missing, as is it was forgotten. Codemaster has a lot of ideas, they are good, but at the end there is always something wrong, it happens in Grid serie and in F1 serie. I am reall
  11. First GRID was maybe the best, one of the most beatiful games.  In GRID 2 the ONLINE mod was funny, fast, many players. Grid Autosport is  nice offline,  online is stupid, many mod and few players.
  12. You can be a good driving with a pad or a good driver with a wheel,  depends on you, is absolute not true that one peripheral is faster than other.
  13. Is anybody using the T300RS Thrustmaster with Grid autosport and PS3? Can you share  advanced wheel settings? Thanks
  14. Strange, because GA has a very gy the following ood FFB, I have G27 and is perfect.( PS3).  Try the following settings, all saturation 100, all the rest 0.  FFB 80/100/70.
  15. When use a wheel with console you don't need to change any rotation beacuse is already set by the game. If you use a pc you can do it. Saturation at 15% is good, try to move a little bit more the linearity and testit.
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