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  1. It is absolutely unacceptable that people spend 70 Euros ( at least in Italy ) and cannot play due to a shameful steering wheel FBB. You issued patch 1.06 and still FBB has been not fixed. Codemaster could make a good choice, leave rally games to another company.
  2. gigiotto59

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    you issued two patches and FBB on steering wheel T300Thrustmaster has not been fixed yet. Why?
  3. Dear friends, unfortunately every Codemaster racing game has problems with steering wheel. We had many issues also with the first version of Dirt that were fixed later. I don't know why CM work in that way, I believe that a racing game must have a perfect steering wheel functions. I have learnt the lesson, I don't buy CM games on release date, I get tired to spend money and not to play due to wheel issues. When I will read on the net that FBB will be ok I will buy the game. If a rally game does not have wheel FBB the 80% of fun is gone. Sorry for my english, I hope to gave you an idea of what I think about CM, I don't know how much a game cost in the world, but in Italy a brand new game cost 70 Euro, i think I must get a good product for an amount like that.
  4. gigiotto59

    No Force feedback Dirt Rally 2.0

    unfortunately the wheel feedback issue is an old problem that Codemasters shows in every racing game since many years ago. I donìt know what they do during the game test and what they mean when say " list of compatibles wheels ". In the years I have learned the lesson, I won't buy a CM game the first day but I wait 5-6 months, price go down and patch to resolve the problems come up.