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  1. dawoud80

    Physics of Retro F1 (scripted oversteer ??)

    I just tried F1 2015, and with the same intermediateļ»æ level traction-control, there is no more room for controversy. the 2015 is clearly better at this point. With the 2015 I can manage my oversteer with the angle of the steering wheel and a light foot lever on the accelerator. On the 2020 (modern F1) the rear does not want to slide, and the front does not want to turn when i press the throttle pedal, too much understeer ! F1 aren't race cars or what !? Finally, when i feel the mid-traction control and the natural oversteer control in the 2015 edition, why not apply this for the 2020 Retro !!!??? And in addition this unpleasant pendulum effect... (with retro cars, and a bit with GP2) when you master the oversteer in one direction, the car wants to make a sliding movement on the other side. pendulum movement ... That's nonsense. Please work on, or the 2020 edition will be without me.... i play with a Fanatec steering wheel and pedals.
  2. dawoud80

    Physics of Retro F1 (scripted oversteer ??)

    Thank you DRTApophis, But i come from iRacing, RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, so i know what you mean. But nothing better than a new experimented player to have neutral feedback. And I confirm that the rendering of the oversteer coming out of slow corners with the traction control at the intermediate level seems scripted. It's the same for GP2, but a little less pronounced. But it always makes me thinking of a scripted pendulum movement whatever the angle of the steering wheel that I put on exiting a turn. It's really not intuitive. So yes we can get used to it, and after that I won't see any problem. But I take advantage of my newbe opinion (before getting used to it) to raise the problem while I still realize it. šŸ˜‰
  3. I just bought this edition of F1 2020 for split screen mode, and I discovered a good surprise: the F1 RETRO. But there is a problem with the physics of these cars. they still have oversteer when accelerating out of a corner. Even if i accelerate slowly. I am an experienced virtual driver and even if I took the trajectory allowing to put the steering wheel quite straight out of a corner so as to put the gas back in a very stable manner, there is still the oversteer on exiting the curve . This absolutely must be corrected. Did you put a script to have this behavior each time you exit a slow curve? oddly with the steering wheel straight, the rear axle could slide a little to the right or a little to the left ... but there, each time, the rear axle oversteer in the direction of the turn, even with the steering wheel straight! strange..... Also, if you can add some tire screeching sound to help recognize that you're starting to oversteer, it would be nice even if in real life it doesn't squeal. But first, please, correct this oversteer problem; it looks like a scripted pendulum Thank you !
  4. dawoud80

    Change world scale in VR?

    I had try to change this set yesterday and no effect.... Are you sure ? I have just changed <vignetteless enabledļ»æ="true" /> And always no differences... Objects are not too small... it's correct, but for me, it's like, when i'm sitting on the left seat of the car, i can open the right door.
  5. dawoud80

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I just bought the GOTY version of Dirt 2.0 and there is a real problem of brightness management in VR. In order to obtain the correct brightness and the colors in VR and allow you to see the road, you have to lower the brightness very low, and at this moment, it is the cockpit which is all black ... It's not normal ... MAke something please ! Also the width of the car is a little smaller than the real size. The door on the right is too close, and the head stuck in the protection bar and the window of the left door. A solution please ?
  6. dawoud80

    Change world scale in VR?

    +1 exactly the same issue. I'm with a Pimax 5k. IPD dont change the problem. All in the cockpit is a bit smaller than the real size. The door on the right is too close lol.It looks like cans of sardines. Is there an option to change the scale of the cockpit view?