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  1. dawoud80

    Change world scale in VR?

    I had try to change this set yesterday and no effect.... Are you sure ? I have just changed <vignetteless enabled="true" /> And always no differences... Objects are not too small... it's correct, but for me, it's like, when i'm sitting on the left seat of the car, i can open the right door.
  2. dawoud80

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I just bought the GOTY version of Dirt 2.0 and there is a real problem of brightness management in VR. In order to obtain the correct brightness and the colors in VR and allow you to see the road, you have to lower the brightness very low, and at this moment, it is the cockpit which is all black ... It's not normal ... MAke something please ! Also the width of the car is a little smaller than the real size. The door on the right is too close, and the head stuck in the protection bar and the window of the left door. A solution please ?
  3. dawoud80

    Change world scale in VR?

    +1 exactly the same issue. I'm with a Pimax 5k. IPD dont change the problem. All in the cockpit is a bit smaller than the real size. The door on the right is too close lol.It looks like cans of sardines. Is there an option to change the scale of the cockpit view?