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  1. That's one of the main reasons why I don't care about "authentic advertising" or "real world tracks and cars" in racing games. If the developer has to pay licensing to a company to use their logo in a billboard advertisement in the game it doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather make a completely generic game (http://maniaplanet.com/trackmania/) get it to where it's super popular and then see if anyone would pay to have their logo in the game for 10 years at a time. Nothing in the game would be built around anyone's brand, company, or personality. So if they don't renew or they go out o
  2. Off topic I know but is there any way you could just tell the community how much it would cost Codemasters to update Dirt 2 to now depend on GFWL? Based on the cost it might be possible to do a kickstarter and see how many people would be willing to donate a few bucks to help make it happen.
  3. The good thing about longer stages I think would be it would allow for more realistic experience by letting you crash, crawl out of a pit and still maybe get 2nd or 3rd place because it would be realistic to expect all of the AI or multiplayers to also have their own small accidents. On some of the shorter tracks less than half a second separates 1st and 2nd sometimes. But on a longer track if you choose to not use any assists you could be a good 10 seconds slower than 1st place but still get second or third if you had no accidents but most of the AI did. Add Hot Seat Mode
  4. I recently noticed that 100% force feedback was much stronger in Dirt 2 than Dirt 3. For some reason (lack of skill) I can only set a good time in Dirt 2's Croatia rally with very high force feedback, much stronger than the feel of 100% in Dirt 3. Please allow for stronger feedback than Dirt 3. IF you're going to have random faceless voices saying things throughout the game, please let a focus group hear every line of dialog so some outsiders can tell you when something sounds horrible, forced, fake, or embarassingly CORNY. "Yo essay, post that on YOUTUBE!"  ... post what?  the full
  5. I would not have a problem if gymkhana cars and tricksteer were kept as a practice option. You could even have a independent section for it in the career.  But more importantly I did enjoy the free roam around the powerplant. You should bring it back for all the people who loved that location. I would also like to se 3 or 4 other free roam locations. Preferably one with a lot more dirt and another with a lot more tarmac and a final one that is overall much larger and really out in the wilderness. Maybe a free-roam of Malaysiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfrOa9fwEK4 A free-roam of Moroc
  6. The community should be able to get together in the forums and democratically decide that a world record time was probably or obviously a cheate. Then you should remove that time from the records and ban that person from being able to upload any more times for that track+car combination.
  7. Don't use a different name for the same track.  Don't call it Crocodile Point and Herring Bay if it's just the reverse of Crocodile Point. Crocodile Point   & Crocodile Point Reverse Simple. 
  8. Will we be able to do time trials or at least free practice on EVERY TRACK? Will there be any kind of "any car + any track" option in any of the game modes? I heard LiveRoutes isn't in the game. I would pay $5 to get it as DLC. Will it be made available as DLC? On PC will it be possible for modders to add proper cockpits? Other less important questions: Will the lobby host be able to turn off the mini-map? Will the lobby host be able to force cockpit view? Will we be able to adjust controller settings AND TEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS ON TRACK BEFORE having to do the first race of the tutorial/ca
  9. Or even if Codemasters can call Steam and ask them to add The Bahamas to the list of countries allowed to purchase Dirt 3. That's all I need.
  10. I don't want to touch gamefly again. I just want to buy a copy of Dirt 3 that has a cd key that will actually work when I put it into steam. 
  11. Steam won't let me buy Dirt3. It won't even let me see the Dirt3 page in the Steam store unless I'm looking at it while in the U.S.A. I had already bought D3 from Direct2Drive but they went out of business. They were bought by Gamefly but Gamefly does not let me download Dirt3. The cd key I got from Direct2Drive does not work in Steam when I try to "Activate a produce on Steam". 
  12. At least as many as there were in Dirt 2. And not necessarily "countries". Just varied locations would be good enough for me. Dirt 2 had USA, UK, Morocco, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Croatia. Within the USA Utah and L.A. were very different locations. 
  13. I love the speedometer in Dirt3. I also love how in Grid1 you could see the analog brake and throttle input around the speedometer. Being able to see that in people’s youtube videos was very helpful to me.
  14. Just finished doing a time trial on every rally and rallycross track in Dirt 3. Here are a few random thoughts and hopes I had for Dirt4 while doing that. The sounds from the cockpit are the most “informative”. But since i have a wheel I prefer to use the bonnet cam. There needs to be a way to have the cockpit style sounds available with the bonnet cam. The bonnet cam would be more realistic if we could shift the camera to the left or right side instead of it being stuck in the middle. Single player time trial/single race/practice should allow any car any track by default. We shouldn’t
  15. How about a single location that from start to finish is 21 minutes. In the game itself the average player will experience three 7 minute stages. But for people who want a longer experience we can create a custom race (single or multiplayer) that has the full 21 minutes uninterrupted.  It would also be cool if we could choose a "location/environment", weather, and then activate liveroutes and specify a time limit between 4 minutes and 2 hours. Lets say you choose 40 minutes. You'd get a completely randomly generated route and once the timer hits the 39 minute mark it would auto-generate a
  16. Codemasters, have you considered moving some of the requested features outside of the shipped game itself? For example instead of trying to build a livery editor that can be used with an xbox controller you could instead build a website/web-app/smartphone-app that is a livery editor. Even easier you could just give the community detailed specifications on how to make a proper livery and then have a website where we upload a zip file and code on the site just needs to validate the contents of the file. Then it goes into a waiting list and someone at codemasters or in the community will check it
  17. I think I'd personally ram into it without bothering to slow down, (unless it's miles into a stage in career/tour mode, then I'd have flashbacks/rewinds turned off, and restarting a stage would break the momentum). PETA would have a fit.  I think the most recent Driver: San Fran game had a magical feature where every NPC would somehow, someway, avoid being hit by the car at the very last micro-second. Would like to have that for spectators, marshalls, videographers, and wild-life. It still brings a smile to my face when I see people running across the road in Richard Burns Rally.
  18. Put some invisible "gates" on the tracks. Any car that doesn't pass through all the gates can't have it's time uploaded. I'm sure there'll be a way to hack around that but for the average non-hacker who just likes looking for cuts it would stop them... Maybe we could even show them their illegal time when they look at the leaderboards but nobody else would ever see them.
  19. Every track should have a absolute minimum time threshold. If the time is below that limit it should not be posted to the leaderboards. Instead a replay file should be uploaded somewhere the community can download and review it and if it seems like a genuinely fast time with no cheats it will be approved and posted to the leaderboards and a tiny patch/auto-update can be released to move the minimum time for that track down to 0.75 second less than the community verified world record. Any times less than 0.75 seconds faster than the previous verified world record will go on the leader boards au
  20. Also please make the next Dirt game available for sale in all countries via Steam. I have had to re-purchase Dirt 3 multiple times :'( First steam wouldn't even show me the game in their store so I had to buy it from Direct2Drive.  Direct2Drive went out of business, was bought by gamefly and then when I logged in to the new service the 1 game I couldn't re-download was Dirt3 :( E-mailed custservice@codemasters.com about this and all they said was there was nothing they could do. :( Travelled to the U.S. Logged in to steam and only then would steam show me Dirt 3 available for purchas
  21. @Prawn01 and @Rallycamereman , I have to agree with the replays, but I have to admit , I didn't used it often,,, I just watched in once and then I never use it again... I think personally that codies should more focus at the game modes and the game it self instead of the replay ;-) Many people use the replays to learn more about what they did right or where they messed up so they can get faster times in their next attempt. I think there should be 2 replay-style options. Cinematic which is pretty much how it is now and... I don't know what to call the other one. But the other one would be
  22. If you can't get Ken Block himself to sit down in front of a T500RS wheel and complete all of the Gymkhana challenges without rage-quitting (and get it on tape and post it on youtube) then you should omit Gymkhana from the next Dirt game.  With an xbox 360 controller and assists + gymkhana-specific-assists turned on, most of the gymkhana stuff in Dirt 3 is quite easy. But I think many of the people who will pre-purchase or day-one purchase the next Dirt game don't play like that. And why is it whenever Block or Pastrana or whoever else you could get does an appearance at a press event and
  23. I'd love to see a modern version of the rally school from Richard Burns Rally.
  24. My Dirt 4 Wishlist #1 Codemasters, do whatever you want. #2 The liveroutes system from Grid 2. #3 Give me the option to purchase EVERY CAR AND EVERY TRACK FROM DIRT 1, 2, & 3 to be available in Dirt 4. You could have easily gotten me to spend $150+ on DLC for Dirt 3 if you had offered the right content as DLC. If you're not sure which old cars and old tracks to make DLC for ahead of time, just ask the community to pre-purchase & kick-start the development work for the content we are willing to pay the most for up front. I'd have gladly paid $5 each to get all the Battersea RallyX trac
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