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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Maybe my suggestions have already been proposed (when I arrived there were 23 long pages for reading).For now, that I could think of are:-At least a female passenger.-At crash into walls of snow, do not pass over them as if they were solid, but it will slow down or stay embedded.-(In Monte-Carlo) Continuing along the road in sunny afternoon (as I recall) it was becoming light, as if the hole in the clouds advance me.-If you can add options like in CMR or Dirt would be nice (roll bar, choice of tires, etc...)-A little story for trajectory mode (as an excuse to go up and buying cars).-At least one split-screen multiplayer mode. Playing with friends this game would be very nice (the only one in track problem is solved by putting a rival ghost as in the CMR 04), and why not, 4 players, that would be great (like in CMR 04)-When choosing a stage on the left side see all possible parameters such as length, wind conditions, etc...-Real skins for cars, I love the Alitalia team at the Lancia Stratos, the 1995 Subaru Impreza of McRae or, why not, the Ford Fiesta of Ken Block. Although there are issues with licences and images.-A preview of the cars, like in Dirt 3, where you can see it from all angles.-If a car crash at 120 km/h, I don't think that it can keep running. Greetings.CMR: Colin McRae Rally