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  1. Hatta

    A Goodbye

    Hey everyone,I have some news and sadly it’s not related to F1 2015 (although that really isn’t too far away now).Are you still reading? You know there’s no F1 2015 info here right? :PSo yes, sadly it’s time to announce that I’ll be leaving Codemasters tomorrow. I’ve had an amazing few years here at Codies and have loved being part of the F1 community. I have a lot of respect for you all and the passion you have for the sport and our games. I now leave you in the (amazing) hands of @justbiglee who’ll be taking the F1 reigns going forward.All the best guys. I’ll miss this place, and I’ll miss you too!Luke.
  2. Hatta

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    It'll ship with both years. 
  3. Hatta

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    well according to Paul Jeal codemasters will be announcing f1 2015 next week Source? http://f1-game.de/forum/news/4167-paul-jeals-antwort-auf-den-vermeintlichen-release/ It's in German so you will need to use google translate We're not announcing next week...
  4. Hatta

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    We’re not commenting on the leaked details other than the quote that was provided to the press. "The work-in-progress images were taken from a confidential internal development email. At this time, all content is subject to approval by Formula One Management and the teams." Boring and vague I know. But as I’ve said a few times, we’re not ready to announce F1 2015 yet. Sadly the leak has revealed the game without context and like anything without context, it can cause unnecessary confusion. Sadly this leak has hit a bit too early and we can’t just push our announcement forward because as mentioned, we’re not ready – we still have assets being created and approved. But once we are ready things will become a lot clearer.
  5. Hatta

    announcement date?

    also, Red Bull has Singha Beer on their cars in the game, which also promoted alcohol, so Codies could have sorted something out with FOM in order to have the red stripes  It doesn't really work like that I'm afraid...  Sadly the entire Williams livery thing was out of our control (trust me, we tried). We're going to try again for F1 2015 but don't get your hopes up. 
  6. Hatta

    any news about f1 2015?

    To answer that question fully I'd have to talk about stuff I'm not allowed to talk about. ): 
  7. Hatta

    any news about f1 2015?

    We don't get to see the cars early, so we've only just got a glimpse of them ourselves. As you can see, our photographer is currently out in Jerez taking photos of the new drivers plus some reference shots of the new cars. This then gets sent over to our car team and they start working their magic. So it's still early days in some areas of development. As for the announcement - we don't have a concrete date yet (internally), which is why I haven't confirmed anything. We have some early assets (logo, key art etc) in with FOM and they're taking a look over them now. Once everything receives the green light we can look at locking in an announcement date.
  8. Yep, just two for now. We'll certainly add more if needs be. :)
  9. Thanks to everyone who applied and nominated, as mentioned, it was a tough choice but today we're happy to reveal that both PeteTheDuck‌ and fIsince08‌ are now Codies moderators. Congrats guys!
  10. Hey everyone, thanks for all your nominations and suggestions, this is going to be a tough decision! Me and Lee are now going to take a look over them and see what we can come up with. Expect an announcement next week. :) Thanks again chaps.
  11. We know the forums are one of the largest and most important homes for any community. They provide us with important feedback that we (The Community team) make sure find their way to the right people. They also provide you guys with a place to talk about our games as well as other random cool stuff and we want to make sure you can do this in a fun, relaxed and civilised environment. So... We’ve spoke about this a bit in the past and we know it’s something a lot of you want, we’ve been a bit apprehensive in the past, we were worried about segregating you guys and creating some weird tiered hierarchy feeling to the boards. That’s not the case, we just feel like it’s time to give you guys more of a say with how the forums work. Last year we had a full forum revamp, and as you can probably tell from the ‘beta’ tag, we’re not finished with that just yet. We’ll save that for another time – instead, today we’re going to talk about forum moderators, and the fact that we need one. So what does a forum moderator actually do? Well, we’re specifically looking for someone that’s passionate about our games, can act rationally in online discussions and is of course familiar with our forum rules and capable of enforcing them when needs-be. There are two ways we’ll be looking for potential mods. From those that want to be one, and from those that think they know the right person for the job. Here’s how to apply either way: Want to be a mod? Simply leave a post below letting us know why you feel you’re right for the role.Want to suggest someone to be a mod? Just as easy – leave a post below that lets us know why you think that person is right for the role. Applications close Monday January 19th and we’ll let you know the end result shortly after. Just to be clear though, this isn't a 'most votes wins' kind of deal, Lee and myself will be going over all the names and picking who we feel fits the role best. This could be just one of you, or it could be a few. 2015 is going to be an interesting and exciting year for us and we’re going to make sure the forums are looked after and focused on more than ever.
  12. Hatta

    announcement date?

    We haven't finalised the announcement date yet, we're just not ready to announce right now (or this month). When we nail everything down internally I shall let you know the announcement time frame - right now, we're just waiting on a few things. :) 
  13. Hatta

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    If enabling Vsync has not resolved the issue please contact our customer service team at custservice@codemasters.com with a detailed description of you problem.
  14. Hatta

    2013 F1 help for setting up my PC

    The Ferrari Challenge Wheel isn't officially supported. The list of supported wheels can be found here: http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/10/f1-2014-supported-wheel-list/ 
  15. Hi Casperlars, could you contact our customer service team at custservice@codemasters.com? They should be able to assist you with this. :)