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  1. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    No idea, either 12 or 13. It was in the VRL days.
  2. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    Last logged in May 7th. I can see his email address so could email him if you want? 😛 Welcome back @buttonfan! I still haven't forgiven you for ramming me off at Eau Rouge all those years ago 😠
  3. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    When they move their factory to within a 15 minute commute like my current job is 😂
  4. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    On a slightly lighter note, I've gotten my degree classification today and I'll be graduating with a 1st class Mechanical Engineering degree next month 🙂
  5. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    Depression and stress go hand in hand. I've never talked about it publically before but I went through a low period recently and came close to starting to self-harm on a few occasions. It's weird the way the mind changes when something isn't right. Fortunately, I'm over that now but I know how much of a different person it made me. Stick with your brother; I don't have any blood siblings but confided in someone who is as close to me as one. He sorted me out and made me realise who I really am and it was exactly what I needed.
  6. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    So, anyone in a gym? I've started work now and as it's an office job I want to make sure I keep fit. If anyone has ever seen photographs of me, you will also know I'm a bit of a weed! I'm a complete novice at this sort of thing so could do with some tips 😎
  7. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    Well you're right. Wembley the place is an utter dump and wasn't any better than some of the rougher parts of Sunderland! I enjoyed the experience but cried when they scored the winner and I don't think I'll ever watch this match back again. I guess we'll just have to go and win the league next season! I don't drink alcohol but the prices were ridiculous! £5 for a slice of pizza and nearly £3 for a bottle of water! At the SoL You get two pies, two pints and two packets of crisps for a tenner! The atmosphere was amazing though, it's the loudest football match I've ever been to and I got a few selfies on Wembley Way with all the crowd behind me. I'll remember the pre-match mood more fondly than the post-match mood...
  8. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    Well, I'm heading down to Wembley tomorrow for the play off final. It'll be my first time in London too! Really can't wait and I have my alarm set for 3:45! At least this time I'll be spamming my Instagram stories rather than me looking at people spamming their's!
  9. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

  10. f1since08

    Official Football Thread

    What a fantastic atmosphere we had tonight! Really enjoyed that and it felt good to finally beat the dirty buggers, especially with 10 men after one of the most hopeless refereeing performances I have ever seen!
  11. f1since08

    The Stuff Thread

    You haven't gotten anywhere near full tourist. I went on holiday down south once and we visited Stonehenge. There were loads of Asian tourists and, I kid you not, some of them were taking pictures of the dandelions in the grass around the stones rather than the stones themselves!
  12. f1since08

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    That's one of things I noticed about Edwards and Crofty. Edwards is so naturally passionate and you can hear it - Crofty seems to force stuff to try and make it seem exciting. Jake Humphrey isn't going to go back to F1 and I'm not a massive Steve Jones fan (although I prefer him to Lazenby). Will Buxton would be my choice. I do miss Lee McKenzie though - she had a rapport with the drivers unlike any other reporter. Lee was almost like she was talking to an old friend. Sky's interviews always seem stale and dull. A bit like their entire show...
  13. f1since08

    Silverstone 2019

    Get near one of the fences and run basically! As I was with school I never got the chance to see the podium but I still have some marbles from when we walked on the track afterwards. I've got some from the tyre tests as well as the Formula Student competition happens straight after before they clean the track. With a grandstand ticket you can sit in any grandstand you like across Friday and Saturday (so long as they aren't VIP ones) so be sure to try out a few places. Club is quite good for overtaking in the support races.
  14. f1since08

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I can't find the TV coverage thread so will post here instead. Is anyone else really starting to dislike David Croft? I've never been a huge fan anyway and always preferred Ben Edwards, but today he's really gotten on my wick. It's fair to say this was one of the most exciting races for a long time, yet he still managed to get sidetracked and laugh throughout the race. He was constantly interrupting or talking over Martin Brundle and is just downright annoying. I'm sure he's a nice guy, I just can't get away with him commentating and Sky should go for Ben Edwards or Jack Nicholls. Or put Brundle back on lead duty and get DC, Webber or Di Resta alongside him.
  15. Okay people. Things got a little silly there. Please remember that swearing and/or masked swearing is against the rules of the forum. Constructive criticism of Codemasters' products is more than welcome and people are free to share opinions; but do it sensibly and with respect for each other. As you can probably tell from my profile picture, it's been a bad day for me today so your lucky I'm not giving any official warnings out. I won't be as nice next time.