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  1. EA had no problems porting Need For Speed. Im just gutted that Ive supported codie for years and now cant. Chop Chop with Autosport 2 ;)
  2. Yes I would, The controller is much nicer, the extra features (xbox record that, better achievement system, of course more powerful) If it was a simple port with slightly cleaner graphics Id have a pre-order in already. 100% Agree.
  3. "most" maybe not all.. especially if your a sony fan :p Codies make gorgeous looking games, The thought of a next gen racer from them made me very excited.... Guess I have to stick to Forza for the time being (Horizons 2 will be stunning)
  4. I agree with a lot in the first post.... Game definately needs more buzz after races and atmosphere. Also would LOVE the ability to create your own F1 team and take on the big boys... sorting out sponsors and upgrades. (One can wish) Split Screen co-op would be nice too codies ;)
  5. fIsince08 said: Yeah theres more consoles out there but they're all being used to watch netflix and Im fed up of this "financial crisis" crap... Its been this way for many years now... this is normal life now and its just some lame excuse.. If they started making it very soon after GRID 2 then fair enough but Im just praying they'll sort out a decent port at least.
  6. Ive bought every Codemasters Racing game for 15+ years but the fact that there isnt a Next Gen version will stop me getting this. I was so excited for it too :( I understand they are looking at userbase but most of the true GAMERS have moved onto the new machines... In total theres about 12million + next gen machines out there already and the people who have sheld out £350+ to buy one are GAMERS who buy games... Im not saying there no gamers on 360/ps3 but it certainly not the millions upon millions sat waiting for this game. Ill wait for the next gen version..... Just be quick about it pl
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