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  1. eckertb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Tweaking the car's setup could of course be a possible workaround, but it would probably result in weird behaviour, just in a different way. There should be no possible setting of any kind in terms of diff or suspension which results in improved lateral grip when spinning the rear wheels...
  2. eckertb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Of course one get used to it, but analog to this we could also have the physics of a hovercraft or a space shuttle and sell it as a state of the art rally sim game and say: get used to it!
  3. eckertb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    That fundamental problem which made D4 undriveable for me is sadly still present in DR2. Now you can break lateral grip under braking into the corner and induce a slide, but after you have reached the drift angle you wanted you can't transition into a throttle driven powerslide seamlessly. As soon as you hit the throttle magically a force awakens which makes the car want to go straigth again, this is even present in the FFB, where you have to steer again into the corner at that phase and fight against this pretty strong force. This is very unnatural, in DR1 this aspect was just fine, beside of the other disturbing problems (mostly the inaccurate weigth), but at least it was fun. For me now it is a struggle to fight against this lateral grip which is exactly the opposite of what should really happen, when the rear wheels loose traction. I mean they tried to overcompensate for this with the weight transfer, maybe this is a bit to much already, but not the biggest problem. This weird behaviour causes that you simply can't steer the car intuitively with the throttle, which actually would be the most important fun factor for me in such a game. It is simply unpredictable. Very sad, had high hopes in this title since real life drivers were involved in the development. The game doesn't have to be perfect for me, but this is a game changer factor in a rally game and because of it i feel again let down by codemasters. Oh and this is present with all the cars, but most noticeable with RWD. Rallycross is the worst in my opponion because of the very high grip levels. A 600 HP beast is way more nerveus to drive even on asphalt, they are all over the place if you kick the throttle down, you have to modulate it together with the steering to balance between under and oversteer through a corner. In this title they behave like they were guled to the track, and additionally they are also suffering from the same symptom which i described in the first place. Let's hope Project Cars 3 will have rally content, they nailed the physics in PC2 already, RX physics is simply perfect in it.
  4. I’ll try the Evo. It’s true that you can use the weight of the car to rotate it into the next corner, but throttle oversteer is still off. Prove me wrong, try do a long drift and control the angle with the throttle if you can in an RWD car, you will get my point!
  5. The physics is a huge disappointment for me! As already stated by others, there is something still wrong with the tyres breaking lateral grip when there is wheelspin. It is just not natural to drive an RWD or 4WD car. You should have to fight for grip and get the tail under control when you apply to much throttle and this simply doesn't happen at all, the car just continues to go forward and there is no rotation at all. The weight is there and it is killing lateral grip because of pendulum effect and under braking, that's true and it maybe is somewhat better than in D4, but the very essence of driving a rally car and controlling a drift nicely with throttle and wheel angle modulation is simply not possible. DR1, with all it's problems, felt much more natural and thus - was way more fun! This game is simply annoying when you try to drive like you should be able to and you are fighting to brake grip instead of fighting to get it back! Also when you try to put some angle to your car with the brakes and apply throttle to try to keep that angle, magically a lot of lateral grip comes out of nothing and you even have to steer towards the corner again to make the car turn in. The Rallycross cars have also way to much grip, so unrealistic and no fun at all! FFB is also very weird, but this is maybe only because the weird physics, i don't know. I gave the BMW another go on loose surface, and still think that it doesn't behave predictable. You can't do throttle oversteer, you have to induce oversteer with the brakes, but then you can't seamlessly convert that move into a nice drift... something is very odd. This aspect of dirt rally was far superior!
  6. eckertb

    DiRTy Gossip

    Because it is easier to see when it is about to reach a cut off value. BTW airplanes sometimes used the same layout back in steam gauges era (so you could spot that one of gauges shows values that are out of the order). Yeah, that trend carried on into the Group A era: Full digital dashes have now rendered the (very cool) rotated gauges out! Notice that the RPM gauge is rotated in a way where the vertical position corresponds to the maximum torque, or maybe to max rpm (which is i bit higher, depends on the engine's characteristics). That's what really makes sense and earlier as we were building rally cars and racing them this was that we were aiming at. That gauge in the game footage in the Golf II it's now really 180° upside down, i'm not sure it's how it was IRL...
  7. eckertb

    DiRTy Gossip

    Something is happening on twitter, and my flight is just about to take off! Can’t wait to land and see...