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  1. Karppuuna

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Leagues

    Are leagues still coming, and if yes, when? This is very important feature and work brilliantly in Dirt Rally 1.
  2. Karppuuna

    No League for Dirt Rally 2??

    Are they still coming?
  3. Karppuuna

    Community improvement priority.

    Better leaderboards, now everybody is in the same pile. You chould be able to browse the categories like, driving camera, aids, controller.
  4. Karppuuna

    Leaderboards separated by divisions

    It would be nice if you could cycle the leaderboards and see what camera the times have been run. It doesn't hurt anybody to give more options in the leaderboards, now all the people are in the same pile.
  5. Karppuuna

    Leaderboards separated by divisions

    There should also be option to separate different camera users, cockpit drivers should be their own category.
  6. I'm hoping to see FOV slider in consoles. If console players are driving a same lobby than PC people, then console players should also have FOV slider. F1 games have it, there is no reason not to but it in Dirt Rally 2 also.