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  1. Karppuuna

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    They add option to turn on Gear Indicator and speedometer in Dirt Rally 2.0 cockpit cam after people ask it in their forum.
  2. Why it's so hard to add option to turn full OSD on in cockpit view? I'm talking about speedometer and gear indicator, if you drive in certain FOV and camera angle, you can't see what gear you are because you own steering wheel gets in the way. Also virtual mirror and clear indicator when DRS is activated would be nice.
  3. Would like to see DRS indicator light in the wheel when you press the button. If you drive in cockpit with high FOV you have to look behind to see is it on. Also full OSD in cockpit view would be great.
  4. Karppuuna

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I think that DR 2.0 FOV is pretty similar to Assetto Corsa, i have AC FOV 35 and DR 2.0 35 and the speed immersion is close to similar in both games. If i use projectimmersion calculator, it says to but FOV to 65 in DR 2.0 and it's way off, in Assetto it says 32 and it's correct.
  5. Karppuuna

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Leagues

    Are leagues still coming, and if yes, when? This is very important feature and work brilliantly in Dirt Rally 1.
  6. Karppuuna

    No League for Dirt Rally 2??

    Are they still coming?
  7. Karppuuna

    Community improvement priority.

    Better leaderboards, now everybody is in the same pile. You chould be able to browse the categories like, driving camera, aids, controller.