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  1. This is a close to what my eyes see when FOV is correct in 55" screen. Im sitting in a playseat evolution.
  2. I think it's almost zero work to codemasters enable that in cockpit view. They enable it in Dirt Rally 2.0 when people was asking for it.
  3. Like i said in my post, your own wheel is blocking the in game wheel when driving with correct FOV and camera angle. Every other sim has this OSD in cockpit view also.
  4. Can we please have full OSD in cockpit view. If you adjust correct FOV and camera position, you cant see the indicators on the in game wheel, because you own real life wheel is blocking the view. Im talking about this OSD
  5. SPA turn 18 should not have any grass, it might sound little thing, but its not. Also why cant you enable full HUD in cockpit view, when you edit the HUD in cockpit view, you can edit also OSD, but when you save your changes the OSD is gone, im talking about speedometer and gear indicator etc, it should be same as T-cam view.
  6. I think that DR 2.0 FOV is pretty similar to Assetto Corsa, i have AC FOV 35 and DR 2.0 35 and the speed immersion is close to similar in both games. If i use projectimmersion calculator, it says to but FOV to 65 in DR 2.0 and it's way off, in Assetto it says 32 and it's correct.
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