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  1. Chefuk

    FOV Settings?

    Please tell me I can change my FOV settings in Grid Autosport? All views are too far zoomed in on my Eyefinity setup :(
  2. Chefuk

    Race Driver: GRID 6 years on

    Race Driver Grid was a massive disappointment for me personally. Coming off the back of Toca Race Driver 3 it seemed like a step backward in terms of what a Codemasters racing game should offer. No V8 Supercars and less real life circuits was a real downer. Fictitious tracks should be left for the pure arcade racing games out there. Race Driver Grid did have some nice additions though but in lieu of what it didn't have, I was still left underwhelmed. We're being teased with what to expect in Grid:Autosport but I have learnt now not to speculate until I see first hand exactly what we are getting. It's great to see BTCC cars are back and that there will be more circuits but we're yet to see how we can use them. I have a feeling I will still be left with the notion that another Codemasters game has come out and it still isn't as good as what Toca Race Driver 3 was.
  3. And I have witnessed the excitement of the fans to see a good selection of touring cars come back to the GRID. I would want to capitalize on that. By releasing just a couple of cars from each series, we get to enjoy a good mix of racing. I can see the appeal in doing it like that but some won't be too keen on the Utes but might love the Touring cars. The Open Wheelers may be the racing type of choice for another whilst not really be a fan of anything else but all of you have just brought the new game and so I want to capitalize on that but in a way that felt like we are all winners. I would do so by releasing Series DLC packs where by each series pack would contain just one discipline of car and the remaining tracks from the real life series. I would charge £15 for the first pack, £12 for the second, £8 for the third, and £5 for the forth and last one. The beauty of pricing it like this is all of the packs would be available at the same time and it would be up to the customer to decide which full series they want to pay for. The more you buy, the cheaper each pack would work out to be but if you were only interested in racing in the BTCC, then it would only cost you one DLC pack. It's faultless and would boost my revenue very nicely :) What would you do if you were Codermasters?
  4. Chefuk

    Welcome Back GRID Fans

    Yea, I have to acknowledge the team for that too. I have been critical of them but it really is only driven from my passion I have had with the earlier Codemasters racing games. Here's hoping Grid:Autosport lives up to what we are currently seeing, 
  5. Chefuk

    JayFerGaming's F12013 Videos

    Great to see you on here mate. Enjoy watching your F1 videos :)
  6. Chefuk

    What you want to see from GRID

    I've said it before over the years and I'll say it again!!! - BTCC, playable in multiplayer with all the tracks. - Server browser that works and is the main way to join online rather than matchmaking in to a random server. - Allow the modding community access again.