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  1. I'm on PC playing with a Xbox 360 wired controller, other games such as rF1/rF2/AMS1/GTR2 work fine without any lag but F1 games from F1 2015 onwards all have some input lag even after setting pre-rendered frames to 1 so it's obviously a problem with F1 games and the way they handle controller inputs.
  2. Please include an option to have raw input on controller, so that controller players have the option to have full control of the car. In older games such as F1 2013/2014 there was the option for controller users to activate wheel override and have raw input when using a controller, that gave me much finer control over inputs and made the game much more enjoyable. These newer F1 games all have these stupid controller filters that cannot be turned off (even with all driving aids disabled, deadzones & linearity on 0, and steering saturation on maximum) and cause noticeable input lag.
  3. I play with a Xbox 360 controller, imo controller support in F1 games is bad, you don't have full control of the car, there's always filters interfering with my inputs and making quick small corrections nearly impossible. If you're using an expensive wheel and getting beaten by controller players you probably need to improve. I don't agree that some of those top leaderboard laps should be checked and removed.
  4. Maybe the game version will be ready when the real life Jeddah is ready.
  5. Portimao, Imola, Jeddah: out now. Turkey: April 1st.
  6. I have F1 2011 & F1 2012-2020 (deluxe versions for the games that have it) on Steam, so maybe one needs to own a certain number of F1 games and/or deluxe editions before they see the extra discount. Some official information from CM/EA would be helpful.
  7. I own F1 2020 on PC/Steam. A few weeks ago F1 2021 started showing up with a 30% discount for people who already owned F1 2020. Currently F1 2021 is on sale 35% off, afaik if you already own F1 2020 both discounts stack and you get a total of 65% discount.
  8. Laguna Seca is nice, it would be great to have it in the F1 game. The last Indycar race there was really exciting, one of the reasons for that imo is the lack of runoff asphalt areas, you go beyond the white line it's either gravel or sand, but if it were to be used in a real life F1 race they'd probably have to asphalt several runoff areas and ruin the track.
  9. Maybe you should be more specific about Valencia, there's Valencia street circuit & there's Valencia Ricardo Tormo Circuit. Imo the easiest 5 tracks to include would be the ones in recent F1 games: Shanghai, Portimao, Hanoi, Hockenheim, and Sepang. In addition to those imo Istanbul, Nurburgring, and Mugello would be great to include as well. The other ones you listed are good too then there's a number of other good tracks that aren't on the list (Watkins Glen, Sebring, Jacarepagua, Donington Park, Jerez, Zolder, etc).
  10. Thanksgiving is in November, not December. I'm sure many people will have turkey at the end of November. 🙂
  11. Some people called the Vietnam track Hannoying circuit.
  12. FS7

    f1 2022 DLC

    A DLC pack with tracks from previous games would be nice: Shanghai, Portimao, Hanoi, Hockenheim, Sepang.
  13. Imo a DLC with tracks from recent F1 games (Portimao, Shanghai, Hanoi, Hockenheim, Sepang) would be more likely to happen since it would require less work than making new tracks from scratch. Having the other tracks you mentioned would be nice though.
  14. Tyres: 3 types, red/soft (best grip, highest wear), yellow/medium, white/hard (lowest grip, lowest wear). Practice on different tyre types to see how long you can go on each compound, your average lap time in different compounds, and decide on your race strategy. For short qualifying or OSQ you use soft tyres, for full qualifying & 50%/100% races you can either use soft tyres on all 3 qualifying sessions or use soft in Q1/Q3 and medium in Q2 depending on your strategy. For dry races you need to make a pitstop and use at least 2 different tyre compounds, for 25% races you'll most
  15. Additional tracks in F1 2022 would be nice, tracks from recent games such as Portimao, Shanghai, Hanoi, Hockenheim, and Sepang would add a lot of replay value to the game, even if they were DLC.
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