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    F1 Race Stars anyone?

    I played the demo of F1 Race Stars, it's OK However if you have a PS3 you'd be better off getting Modnation Racers, it's way better than F1RS, and has much more content and replay value.
  2. FS7

    Chance of career challenge game

    I'd love to have every track from all previous CM F1 games in 1 single game, preferably on the disc, but I wouldn't mind them adding the extra tracks as DLC as long as the price is reasonable.
  3. How about include all the Indy tracks in Grid Autosport?
  4. FS7

    F1 community gone quiet

    Grid Autosport is a good game, nice selection of cars & tracks & a custom cup mode that has all cars & tracks available from the start, but it would had been a much better game if it had simulation handling, fuel/tyre wear on all cars, pitstops, & decent cockpits on all cars.
  5. FS7

    [PS3] no aids clean racers group

    I saw your message, but you're looking for wheel players, I play with a controller with all aids off.
  6. FS7

    [PS3] no aids clean racers group

    I expected to see more players who drive with no aids.
  7. FS7

    Practicing for Online

    I've been saying this since F1 2010, CM should do like GT5/GT6 & setup online lobbies so that people can go to the track and practice while waiting for other players to join. Once there's enough people in the lobby host can start qualifying/race. That system works fine in GT5/GT6, it makes no sense why CM hasn't implemented something similar in their F1 games.
  8. India & Korea too. Also, from what I've heard tracks are cheaper/easier to license than cars & drivers, so I don't why CM doesn't include all tracks from previous games. Ideally it should be on the disc as part of the main game, but I wouldn't mind having bonus tracks as DLC if the price is reasonable. BTW, Nurburgring is out of the calendar, Hockenheim will host the 2015 German GP: http://www1.skysports.com/f1/news/12518/9645737/2015-german-gp-to-be-held-at-hockenheim-and-not-nurburgring-bernie-ecclesone-reveals
  9. Hockenheim wasn't part of the 2013 season, therefore it wasn't included in the game. Hockenheim & Nurburgring alternate as hosts of the German GP, Hockenheim hosts German GP on even numbered years, Nurburgring hosts German GP on odd numbered years. Ideally CM should include both tracks as well as all other tracks from their previous F1 games as bonus tracks, unfortunately that seems unlikely to happen.
  10. FS7

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    I wouldn't miss those modes either, although I think it would be more interesting to have lap time targets in time trial for every track like in F1CE instead of having time attack mode. Maybe have lap time targets for every track in the dry (for both option & prime tyres), in light rain, and in heavy rain.
  11. FS7

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    My favorite is F1 2013. I liked the handling in F1 2013 better than in the other games, and I really liked the extra tracks, 23 tracks total, it considerably increased replay value. It would be awesome if CM released a F1 game that had every single track from every CM F1 game, from 2010-2014 there would be a total of  28 tracks. Another good thing was the return of GP mode. F1 2011 was great in the sense that it had all practice sessions, every qualifying length & every race distance in every game mode. I prefer to play races with 1 practice session, short qualifying, and 25-50% race distance but I know other people who prefer the full race weekend, and I also have friends more on the casual side that like 3-lap races. F1 2011 catered to all of them in all game modes. In latter games some qualifying lengths & race distances were removed in career mode, I hated having to do full qualifying (only option unless you want to qualify & race without practice), and some of my friends who are more casual gave up on career mode because the minimum distance was 25%.
  12. FS7

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    Believe it or not, a league isn't all that time consuming :p About an hour and a half each Tuesday evening for me, which is time I'd spend gaming after work anyway so it slots in nicely.  I'd love to be able to join a league. However, I don't have a fixed work schedule, I can't commit to play at specific days/times, I go online at random days/times, so joining a league isn't an option to me.  As for waiting in the lobby, I wish CM would do like PD did with GT6 and give players the option to go to the track and practice while waiting for other players to join the lobby. That would get rid of the worst part of online which is waiting in a lobby, and would give players the online practice they've been asking for since 2010.
  13. FS7

    Grief Reporting for Online Multiplayer

    For those like me who don't have time to join leagues the best thing to do to avoid bad players is to create a lobby, enable full damage, and ban all aids. It takes a while to get a decent size grid but is way better than sprint lobbies.  BTW, I wish CM would rename the current sprint lobbies "casual sprint", and add another quick lobby called "hardcore sprint" (3-5 lap races, dynamic weather, full damage, all aids banned).
  14. FS7

    Career Mode vs Custom Season

    Cars in GP mode are upgraded from the start while cars in career mode are not, in career mode you start with a non-upgraded car and have to unlock upgrades during the season by doing R&D tests.
  15. FS7

    1hour practice in Career mode ?!

    You can skip to qualifying or accelerate time while in the garage.
  16. FS7

    Weekend options career

    Race weekend options have been limited in career in F1 2012, F1 2013, and now in F1 2014, so CM probably doesn't care about player feedback in that area.  The thing that really doesn't make sense to me is that CM included season challenge (useless mode), and in F1 2014 they included the option for medium and short career season (good additions especially for casual players), but for some weird reason they didn't make all race weekend & race distance options available in career. 
  17. FS7


    I've asked for this several times. I'd love to have all tracks from all CM's F1 games in 1 single game, 19 tracks from the 2014 season + 9 tracks from previous CM's F1 games (Korea, India, Nurburgring, Valencia, Istanbul, Jerez, Brands Hatch, Estoril, Imola). Tracks are easier & cheaper to license than cars & drivers, and CM already has data for the tracks mentioned above, it sucks they didn't include bonus tracks, they add more replay value than classic cars imo.
  18. FS7

    My thoughts on pad handling

    Trying to make the game accessible to as many players as possible is a good thing. Implementing hidden assists that cannot be turned off is a terrible idea. There are pad players who are precise with the steering/throttle/brake inputs and don't need any assists. It's totally fine to have pad-specific assists to make the game accessible to casual players as long as there is the option to turn them off (and include the option to ban pad assists in custom lobbies in the same way host can ban other assists). Having the option to adjust steering/throttle sensitivity & deadzone on pad would be great, and would be way better than having hidden pad assists that cannot be turned off.
  19. FS7

    Weekend options career

    I've been saying this since F1 2012, CM should make all qualifying lengths & all race distances available in all game modes.
  20. OSQ is great because I get to do 1 lap with no stupid AI cars to get in the way, but at the same time OSQ sucks because I cannot use a custom setup.
  21. The thing that really got on my nerves on previous CM F1 games is when some stupid AI car left the pits the exact moment I start my flying lap and blocked me on the first corner. 
  22. FS7

    CM's F1 Series

    I'll have to disagree on that. GT6 has cars & tracks but it doesn't have racing. Poor AI with no option to adjust difficulty, most career races are catch-up format, arcade races are always catch-up with no option to enable standing starts, no qualifying, no option to enable mechanical damage, no option to enable fuel/tire wear & no option to enable penalties offline. Online options are pretty lacking too (GT6 has online practice, though). CM's F1 games have their flaws but unlike GT6 in CM's F1 games I can set up proper races offline.
  23. FS7

    f1 2011 & 2013

    For help with achievements check the link below: http://www.xboxachievements.com/
  24. FS7

    F1 2014 patch&DLC wish list!

    DLC: all tracks from previous CM F1 games (Istanbul, Nurburgring, India, Korea, Valencia, Jerez, Brands Hatch, Imola, Estoril). CM already has data for all those tracks, afaik licensing tracks is easier & cheaper than licensing cars and drivers, having those extra tracks would add considerable replay value to the game.
  25. FS7

    playstation 3 game data transfer

    Copying saves is really easy: -plug-in the USB flash drive, -on the PS3 XMB go to game > save data utility (PS3), -find the F1 2013 save (there's a game save & a save with ghost laps), -click triangle > copy, -select the USB flash drive as destination for the save to be copied.