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    No more Co-Op trophies please

    Ideally every online trophy/achievement should have an offline alternative since there's people who don't care about online. The same should apply for offline/career trophies, have an online alternate for all of them since there's people who only care about online and don't spend much time with offline modes.
  2. FS7

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    The ironic part is that Gran Turismo 6 does have online practice, players can join the lobby while others are on the track practicing, I don't see why CM couldn't do something similar for their F1 games.
  3. FS7

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    Regarding online practice, I've been saying this since F1 2010, do it like Gran Turismo 5/6. In those games you create/join the lobby and you have the option to go to the track and practice while waiting for other players to join the lobby. That would give players the chance to practice before qualifying & race and would also remove one of the worst parts of online playing which is waiting for other players in a lobby.
  4. 1. Season challenge - pointless mode since we can setup a custom season in GP mode, even more pointless now that players have the option to choose either short, medium, or long season in career. 2. Time attack - no replay value in this mode. Having lap time targets for every track in time trial like in F1CE would be better. 3. Scenario mode - no replay value. A better idea would be to include the option to choose my starting grid position in custom offline races, as well as the starting grid position for each AI car. That along with the option to choose race length & weather would enable me to create a variety of scenarios.
  5. FS7

    This is what F1 2014 should be like

    Developers can make a sim that appeals to all crowds by including driving aids, multiple difficulty settings, option to turn damage, fuel/tire wear & penalties on or off in all game modes, and make all qualifying lengths & race distances available in all game modes. In that way hardcore players get a real sim, and casual players can use the options available to make it more accessible.
  6. FS7

    IM SO BAD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Turn brake assist off, there's no reason to use brake assist, it slows you down too much, use the racing line as reference. Try to brake in a straight line, avoid turning & braking at the same time. I play with PS3/X360 controller, all assists off, manual gears, cockpit view. The key to get a decent lap is to try to be as smooth as possible, smooth steering turning into corners, smooth throttle coming out of corners. 
  7. 1. all options available in all game modes (fuel/tire wear + all weather types & tire types + fuel load & mixture available in TT, all qualifying lengths & race distances available in career & season challenge, custom setups available in OSQ, qualifying & custom setups available in split-screen, etc). 2. all tracks from all CM F1 games. 3. more online options (being able to go to the track and practice while waiting for other players to join in all online modes, quick races with realistic damage & penalties enabled, "ready" button in all online modes so that we can start the race faster, a driver rating system so that we can filter good players from bad ones).
  8. FS7

    F1 2014 Achievements/Trophies

    I kind of expected the achievement list to be similar to previous games, what I don't like is that CM removed skill based achievements such as winning a clean race, winning a race in heavy rain, & winning a race w/ 100% distance. 
  9. FS7

    F1 2014 Achievements/Trophies

    Achievements listed in the link below: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/f1-2014/achievements/
  10. FS7

    What is wrong with f1 2014

    They did it was called the young drivers test Apparently you've never played F1CE and have no idea what I'm talking about. F1CE had a "learning & tips" section, which explained in detail how a F1 weekend works, 3-part qualifying (including fuel rule), point scoring system, pitstops, racing strategy, flags & rules, driving tips, overtaking tips, setup tips (including the "race evolution" feature during free practice), and a glossary at the end. That's a lot better & more detailed than the YDT used in recent CM games.
  11. FS7

    What is wrong with f1 2014

    If you’ve never played a CM F1 game before, you will probably find very little wrong with it. I dare say you'd probably even find it pretty good, albeit a bit hard to figure out if you’re not intimately familiar with F1 rules and regulations, given they never ship decent manuals with games any more. That reminds me of F1CE which had a in-game section explaining rules & regulations. CM should include something like that in their F1 games.
  12. 2013 - better handling, more tracks than previous games.
  13. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/548/question-about-tracks-in-f1-2014 I can understand classic cars & drivers not being included because of costs, but I still don't understand why classic tracks couldn't be included. To me it would be awesome if CM included all tracks from every CM F1 game in F1 2014. Tracks cost less to license than cars or drivers from what I've heard, and since we're talking about including tracks from previous CM games that means CM already has data for those tracks and wouldn't have to start from scratch like they had to do with A1-Ring & Sochi. If CM included all tracks from previous F1 games we would have 19 tracks from the 2014 season, plus India, Korea, Nurbugring, Jerez, Imola, Estoril, Brands Hatch, Valencia & Istanbul, for a total of 28 tracks, the largest track selection in any F1 game. That would add a lot of replay value to the game.
  14. FS7

    F1 2014 Achievements/Trophies

    I don't care for online-only trophies, I guess most trophies will be copied from previous games. The game should have trophies for the following: -win a race with all aids off. -win a race with 100% distance. -win a race in heavy rain with minimum distance of 25%. -set a clean lap time in all tracks in time trial. -win a clean race at every track. -grand chelem (pole, win, fastest lap, lead every lap), minimum distance 25%. Fun trophy suggestions: -in your first season at Red Bull win more races & finish ahead of your teammate in the driver's championship (career or season challenge). -crash into your teammate's car at Spa while driving a Mercedes. -set the fastest time in Q3 in qualifying and then cause a yellow flag at Monaco. -receive a penalty for causing a collision while driving as Maldonado. -crash into your teammate's car on the first lap at Canada while driving a Marussia. -do a 360o spin at Hungary during the race while driving as Vettel and still manage to finish the race in the points. -be eliminated at Q1 and finish the race in the points at Monaco while driving a Marussia.
  15. FS7

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Is it really that difficulty for CM to post 2 videos? One with regular replay cameras and another one entirely in cockpit view or t-cam?  Personally I've never liked the replay cameras in any of CM's F1 games, I'd rather see a video entirely in cockpit view.
  16. Is it really that difficulty for CM to post 2 videos? One with regular replay cameras and another one entirely in cockpit view or t-cam?  Personally I've never liked the replay cameras in any of CM's F1 games, I'd rather see a video entirely in cockpit view.
  17. FS7

    Unlimited flashback. yes or no?

    I think flashback is a great tool to use in time trial when learning a new track, but I don't like to use it in races because I feel it spoils the racing experience.  I don't see any problem in having unlimited flashbacks, other people using unlimited flashbacks won't affect the way I play my game, flashbacks cannot be used in multiplayer or to cheat in the time trial & RaceNet leaderboards, so it's no big deal to me.
  18. FS7

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Nice to finally see footage of F1 2014. Any chance CM could post that lap with either cockpit or t-cam view?
  19. I don't care for YDT but to me not having extra tracks like in F1 2013 is a major downside. I've heard something about F1 2014 having more scenarios, which have no replay value imo, I'd imagine most people play the scenario/time attack challenges maybe once or twice then never again.
  20. FS7

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    This is pretty lame. Why wait until next-gen to include a basic feature like that? GT5/GT6 are on PS3, in those games one can go to the track and practice while waiting for people to join the lobby. That's a feature that should be in every racing game.
  21. FS7

    What would be NEW in F1 2014???

    If co-op is in F1 2014 I'd like to know if it will be available in split-screen & lan in addition to online, or if CM will still do the least logical thing and make it online only.
  22. 1) Is F1 2014 going to be available in physical disc format in all regions? 2) Are all race distances & all qualifying lengths going to be available in career mode?  3) Can we use custom setups in OSQ? 4) Can we setup custom championships with our favorite cars offline/online? 5) Is there any chance more tracks from previous CM F1 games could be added later through DLC? The 4 extra tracks were one of the best things in F1 2013 imo, to me more tracks add more replay value to the game than classic cars. I'd love to have all tracks from all CM F1 games available in 1 single game.
  23. Here in Brazil one could easily find disc copies of PS3 & Xbox versions of F1 2013 (NTSC, region 1, just like the American version). It makes no sense why there was no disc version in USA.
  24. November, sometime before the season ends, but most people who care about racing sims will be too busy playing Project Cars and won't bother with F1 2014.
  25. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/418/which-is-the-best-f1-game-so-far/p1