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  1. codemasters can add GP2 GP3 OR OTHER RACING CHAMPS It's called F1 2014, not GP2 2014. The WRC games have other categories besides the main WRC such as Junior-WRC, WRC2, Group B, etc, all of which add more replay value to the game. It would be nice if F1 had feeder series such as GP2, World Series, F3, etc.
  2. FS7

    F1 2014 Mid November Release?

    It would be nice if CM released Hockenheim, Red Bull Ring & Sochi as DLC tracks for F1 2013.  I'm sure there's lots of people who enjoy playing races in-game along with the real F1 season, that would be better than start playing a season in F1 2014 when the real season is almost over.
  3. About online practice: in GT6 one can go to the track and practice while waiting for other players to join the lobby. CM should implement that feature in their games. That would enable players to practice before qualifying/race and would allow players to bypass one of the worst parts of online racing, which is waiting in the lobby.
  4. I'm Brazilian too, I simply set the default language in my PS3 to English for all my games, that's way better than the crap Portuguese menus/voices that I see in most games.
  5. That pic is from F1 2010, here's an example of what cockpit view looks like in F1 2013:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBMJs5r1eGM
  6. FS7

    A question for Codemasters

    I doubt 99% of players sat through all 3 practice sessions at every race weekend, CM were right to remove them. That's not an excuse to remove full race weekends.In older games players who didn't want to play all 3 practice sessions could simply skip them, or select short race weekend with 1 practice session. Removing full race weekends won't make any difference for casual players but it does make the game less enjoyable for people looking for a more realistic experience. Having options that make the game enjoyable to as many players as possible is the way to go.
  7. I agree.I'd love to have all the tracks from previous CM's F1 games in F1 2014, it's annoying having to load an older game whenever I want to play at Valencia, Hockenheim & Istanbul. 
  8. FS7

    Just bought the season pass

    I was thinking about buying this game but after reading through this thread I'll probably wait for the complete edition that includes all the DLC.CM did that with Dirt 3 & F1 2013 so they'll do the same for Grid Autosport, right?
  9. Pitstops should be available in all game modes, not just online.
  10. I think it was a big mistake not releasing disc copies in US.Just in case you don't know European PS3/Xbox360 versions of F1 2013 can be played on US consoles. Complete edition comes with update & DLC on the disc.
  11. FS7

    F1 2013 - what's your favourite glitch?

    Even worse than AI blocking me somewhere in the middle of the lap is when an AI car leaves the pits at the exact moment I'm starting my flying lap and blocks me in the first corner. 
  12. http://www.projectcarsgame.com/
  13. I doubt that's even possible even on PC I'm pretty sure one can find most if not all F1 tracks on rFactor. 
  14. I know it's highly unlikely to happen on consoles, but what I'd really like to see is every track from every F1 season in 1 game.
  15. I'd rather have all tracks unlocked from the start. My main interest is playing custom races in GP mode and multiplayer, being forced to play game modes I don't care for to unlock tracks in GP mode/multiplayer would really suck imo.
  16. Any details on release date & region availability? Also, did CM ever explain the issues with availability of disc copies in different regions? (no disc version in US, regular & classic disc editions in UK, classic disc edition only in Brazil)?
  17. All aids off, PS3/Xbox360 controller, pro AI.
  18. FS7

    F1 2012 help!

    That probably means you're either in free practice or qualifying, not the actual race.
  19. I'm sure there are people who will disagree with me, but I'd rather have more classic tracks than having more classic cars. CM could start by having all tracks from previous CM F1 games in F1 2014 (Nurburgring, India, Korea, Valencia, Istanbul, Jerez, Imola, Brands Hatch, Estoril). Then they could add more tracks like Donington, Fuji, Magny-Cours, Indianapolis, Nordschleife, Kyalami, Adelaide, Detroit, Okayama, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Zandvoort, Zolder, Paul Ricard, and so forth.To me having more tracks would add a lot of replay value to the game, and I'd imagine tracks are easier & cheaper to license than cars & drivers.
  20. F1CE on PS3 has that option, I mentioned that earlier, it would definitely be a nice option to have.
  21. I suspect you're in the minority there. They only brought it back for 2013 because so many people complained when they removed it from 2012. I think he means to have the option to turn fuel/tyre wear off like in F1 2010/2011 (good option for casual players who enjoy 3-5 lap races).I generally play 50% races, sometimes 20%, to me it wouldn't make any sense not to have scaled tyre wear.
  22. FS7

    F1 2014 Ideas and improvements

    I disagree. I think OSQ is good in the sense that I get to do 1 lap with no stupid AI cars getting in the way and ruining my lap. What CM needs to do is add the option to use custom setups in OSQ.
  23. FS7

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    I've been playing F1 2013 the most since it's the most recent game, has better handling imo and has more tracks than the previous games, but I wish they'd bring back all good features from previous games.
  24. FS7

    GRID 2 DLC compensation

    GT5, GT6, FM4, Shift 2.
  25. I'd love to see every track from previous Grid & F1 games in Grid Autosport.