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  1. Unlikely. Afaik PD got permission to use Senna content in GT6, but knowing how PD is slow to work and their lack of vision IF they ever release any Senna content it will probably be something just as unremarkable as their use of the Top Gear track, Nascar, WRC, F1 Ferrari cars, etc.
  2. I'm a pad user, I play with all aids off.I think they should do with steering assist what they do with traction control, have an option to set steering assist to either full, medium, or off, and give lobby host the option to disable steering assist as well as disabling any other driving aids.
  3. Grand prix -being able to have multiple custom championships saved. It's really annoying when I set up a custom championship and I can't play anything other than that 1 championship in grand prix mode, unless I delete the current championship or switch accounts. Fifa 14 lets me have multiple custom championships going on at the same time, CM should do the same for their F1 games.-if there's tracks other than the 2014 season tracks allow players to create custom championships that have more than 19 races.-custom setups in OSQ.-option to organize the grid in whatever way we want when selecting "race only", so that we can setup some interesting race scenarios. Career -have all qualifying lengths & all race distances.-custom setups in OSQ.-a championship points table similar to the one found on Wikipedia that shows every driver's finishing position in every race.-more than 5 seasons, or maybe the option to restart career with all teams unlocked after completing a 5-year career (kind of like the "new game plus" thing that some other games have). Time trial -option to select dry, light rain, or heavy rain.-option to adjust fuel load & fuel mixture.-option to enable fuel/tyre wear.-option to select any tyre type. Multiplayer -custom setups in split-screen (replace the garage thing with simple text menus if necessary).-co-op & custom championships in split-screen/lan.-optional qualifying in split-screen (maybe something like the trial party mode that was available in F1 2010).-option to organize the grid in whatever order we want when selecting "race only", so that we can setup some interesting race scenarios.-have a "serious" quick race lobby (heavy damage, realistic rules, 5-lap races) in addition to the current "demolition derby" quick race lobby.
  4. I'd like to see all tracks from the 2014 season as well as every track from previous CM games (Jerez, Estoril, Brands Hatch, Imola, Nurburgring, Korea, India, Valencia, Istanbul). I don't see any technical reason for not including every track from previous CM games in F1 2014, and I'd imagine licensing tracks is easier & cheaper than licensing classic cars & drivers. CM should try to do that first, then work on including other tracks such as Indianapolis, Magny-Cours, Detroit, Donnington, Adelaide, Fuji, Kyalami, etc.