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  1. burnout paradise was my goto game when internet was down. 😁 loved it great fun game.
  2. i dive in here every now and then hoping for a new offspring to the dirt family. 😁
  3. i think it would of been mentioned by now so probably easter is the next best time. few of the previous dirts also came out around then also.
  4. think it was is just times changing. in a sad way many people that made dirt rally great games have moved on. it does happen though. i do feel the family feel that was here has kinda gone recently and its become more business like. if that is easy to understand. im hoping with new ideas and new people that something special can happen. fingers crossed. 😁
  5. wonder if he got the concrete slabs in the back. 😁
  6. renault 5 is a very fast car its just a pig sometimes to drive on the utter edge.
  7. great drive jon unlucky on the ken block cossie killing rock. almost identical situation. weird.
  8. seems like jons way better than the competition.
  9. you will get a title before the wrc one. no way they waiting till 2023 2024 without putting anything out. this is a big corp studio they need money. money controls everything. what it will be called though is anyones guess. probably already under way. could launch easter or just after april like dirt rally 1.
  10. basically making audi more mainstream.
  11. yeah true but if its people whos been involved in a franchise and made it part of what it is today then its not really ideal. it may mean though that something fresh happens and maybe for the better. guess we will see. im really hoping with new ideas and jon doing tarmac rallying that tarmac finally gets dialled in. it would be dissapointing that in the next game it isnt dialled in. fingers crossed.
  12. would be a good promo time for new game thing is a few main people left also. so not sure how that would effect a new game.
  13. finally we will get the tarmac right ! 😁
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