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  1. tried for many many years to try and get across how better cam angles more and even cinematic camera could transform the game in many ways but too not much avail. dirt 2 or 3 it may of started 😄 . the funny thing is some guy made a cinematic cam for dirt rally 2.0 in a very short while. it should be in game. social media posts sell more games than any advertising and the better you can get screenshots or footage the better people will see the game or product and it doesnt cost much at all. the funny thing is EA battlefield for eg they embraced cinematic cameras and literally all the best
  2. having helped with the handling dirt rally 2.0 is a great game. best rally game currently. tarmac is the only real weak link.
  3. i do think hes being truthful as most community managers and i know pj is more than that dont know that much or can say that much. its basically what they given to tell you the community. it will be interesting to see whats next. i understand why grid was given the light as for most people its a shrug shoulders might buy. so trying to get it to a yeah im interested in it after the grid ip has kinda been relaunched in recent years makes sense. it could be really good if ..they can get the tarmac right. i enjoyed the last one just drifting around having fun. the problem was..once you play a dece
  4. does suck to wait so long for a new dirt game but hopefully by then the bug is back to play car games. dead space back is great news big fan brought the first one day of release on pc. still have it. 😄
  5. maybe they wanted to give more shine to the grid game to get the ip rolling again. makes sense. does make you wonder though when will there be another dirt rally game. 2023 is a long time yet.
  6. was surprised its a new grid game. especially as its often the least popular. guess new dirt for this year is out the window. grid was kinda fun will be interesting to see if they made tarmac decent now. tuned in for battlefield........going to show everything but battlefield last...😂
  7. i find assetto corsa competionzione a understeer champion. prefer automoblista 2 tbh for tarmac.
  8. wait till they all full auto as well. been almost auto for many years. nothing like watching pedals cams on cars just using accelerator 😁
  9. everyone went crazy about new gta game coming out ea actually had one similar years ago. shame they killed it off. need for speed world. drive round race friends ftp upgrade cars. was fun to play.
  10. i still think we will see a new rally title this year maybe next year and then the wrc game when the full licensing can be done. no way EA just gunna sit and do nothing they got a billion pounds to get back and make profit. guess we will see soon. if a new game is this year we would here something shortly.
  11. two of the main men gone. weird how they say basically they done everything right built up the company to the high point before the takeover and now they gone. kinda be expected normally with big takeovers the first thing that happens is people are restructured or moved on. i think will just continue to see games per year no way massive businesses like codies already were basically doing it start doing it less. so i expect it more and hopefully they turn out great. whether or not EA start pushing need for speed over this way or similar titles will be interesting too..
  12. anything other than a wheel im going to be struggling. 😁
  13. it did look great fun but i dont use controllers as im terrible with em. so not tried it. 😁
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