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  1. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    well thats mainly down to the engine and car handling. not the media.
  2. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yeah didnt really wanna respond as tbh pj said hes going to try new things but jz put it in a kinda derogatory manor which wasnt going to leave. what some might not know for eg is ive got every codie rally game and been playing them since colin mcrae one and done videos since the original dirt. so its not moaning for the sake of it. i love the series. i want it to advance.
  3. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yes thats the thing we or i understand fully why its done. its just the more sim side should be catered for better throughout the community. not media just chosen because a person has a big subscriber base. its basically ignoring content creation and just looking at whos got the biggest subscribers. also dirt rally is a sim game. yet often its the very opposite thats being shown promoted. its not about just showing world record runs either. its more about giving 95 percent of those that do videos twitch streams who havent got 100,000 plus subs a chance to do anything with the game they love dirt. it doesnt matter how much work you put in if at every top end search promoted top 3 - 5 are those very big streamers youtubers. you going to struggle and its not even down to skill or talent. also must say its actually hard to express honestly without seeming negative when thats the last thing thats wanted. love dirt games and much of the codie team. just some things could be done far far better and unless people say anything it wont change. its not even for my benefit as i dont do anything dirt. its for others who may get a shot a career. good luck to them.
  4. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    i think the thing that is missed is many people are doing or done the work but its often unnoticed. many people understand youtube and how it works. the problem is do you become on of those YO DUDES IM LIKE SLIDING MY BACK OUT BOYZZZZ ! to succeed or just hope help is given. not many proper runs are shared on social media. they have been but in ratio to stunts and silly stuff 1 / 10 probably right. the funny thing is some of the highest viewed dirt videos on youtube are on actual speed world record runs for views. also with pros driving them. yet lets not promote them to often. saying your not going to just get given it when put in many years of effort is a bit cheap tbh. especially when for eg you can make a so so video just sticky it to top of this forum.how about sticking other peoples work highlighting speed runs there is so much more that could be done. yet isnt. many guides are promoted on here are just yours and sticked. why is that ? this is exactly what im talking about promote people in here who do social media videos twitch. sorry if it comes across harshly but a lot of effort has gone in over the years and its not a couple of videos but seeing many others effected by it and especially a lot of the very best who play dirt games i just mention it every now and then with the hope of something else happens to better the situation. i do also understand that many do like dude yo where my car kinda videos.
  5. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    thanks on the feedback for a start. what id like to reply to that and i dont want to waste your time as i know you busy is. while i understand what you mean what i will say is...if only the silly stunt stuff and big people are promotoed and have been for years then yes they will be the most popular and the metrics shown because you or the company hasnt promoted the skilled part as much as it could of been. its like selling 1 item only for 5 years then a new product is out and saying the old one has more metrics or better metrics . yeah it does because one hasnt had the promotion or time to be more popular. its that simple. if all you do is promote a certain way then low and behold it will be more popular. its understandable from a business point of view pimping someone who has 1 million subs over someone who has hundreds or thousands of subs. you the company want to cover as many buyers as possible. the point is many of the better players of this game arent big subscriber power houses. so what you end up is the clown show material which is often promoted. thats fine for the arcadey side of things but when you showing the sim side of it it makes no sense for gameplay reasons. for MONEY reasons i get why. we have had similar discussions over the past and i get exactly what you mean and its also one of the reasons why i stopped doing dirt videos. cause i know regardless of how many records you break win the world championship it makes no difference at all because smaller youtubers just wont be fully promoted to the best of what codemasters could do. they just want barrel rolls and big subscriber youtubers. thats why every top search is for dirt rally those very people. so it makes it very frustrating for people putting in the time and effort who are ten times better than those promoted to get anywhere. so you end up losing all the best players of this great game because youd rather back clowns cause they got big subscriber bases to sell your games to. this is why i have this convo with you with the hope that one day some community manager social media person actually takes in apon themself to say hold up why dont we promote help them. sad thing is i dont think that will ever happen. which is why as said i stopped playing and recording videos.
  6. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    thats the whole point ! you basing whos promoted on engagement. not skill or other metrics. just think if you promoted the top players runs more and often they maybe would get more engagement ? the simple answer is big subscriber bases are why many people are promoted. its not if they good at your game and it actually goes against everything Dirt related at its ethos. Colin Mcrae the poster child for dirt rally the absolute ethos of rally who was used for marketing dirt flat out and who do you promote ? the slowest people with big subscriber bases. yet the fastest best players are generally blown to the side like tumble weed. goes against everything which is the actual marketing for the game ! you can look at all the metrics you want. promote the better players more. its not even personally related as i dont do dirt content any more and wont do it anymore. its actually for other people and how promotion is done for those that are good vs those who just have big subscriber bases and generally are poor at the games. also the tweet shows why people do that kinda ****. ooh lets just post barrel roles every tweet because of media engagement. you can change this but your going by metrics already made. not what could come in the future. so basically lets crash on purpose post on twitter. lets do a barrel roll post on facebook. lets drive poorly make stupid caption to fit. all false poor social media engagement marketing. when with a little effort you could do more of better runs skilled things and put the effort into that side but..no thats too hard to do and time consuming why choose a brilliant run when you can just go record a 10 second barrel run. also its understood why you do it. im just saying why not promote more better people at dirt rally. no need to reply or respond. or mention metrics.
  7. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    i dont get it tbh. singer tweak porsches but this is just jacked up porsche. porsche fans will love it whatever. also just watched latest video from king promoted henrikm what a slow drive might film myself eating dinner and beating his run or drinking a beer and driving one handed. it really does puzzle me whos paying to get these guys promoted on youtube yet so **** at the game they promoting. far better people out there yet because they got subscribers its like yep thumbs up promote him to the highest degree. dirt rally dont even get this traffic he gets. basically formula is drive third person cause its popular clean but slow get promoted. its the very opposite of the premise of dirt rally. baffles me how a slow person can just choose to record third person or chase cam and get put up there like a driving god yet its slow and just done because chase cam is popular on youtube. what does that even say about people promoting slower people than many just because they have subscribers. pretty weak. its like in pga tour golf you know tiger woods is on and you pick some random shitter and pimp him. actually anyone here whos decent at dirt rally and can record. do a nice run same as him and stick it in the title. this really needs to stop promote people who are good at dirt rally stop promoting people who have big subscriber bases yet are ****. stick his name in the title and slow. beat it.
  8. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    not really sure what to make of the singer on stilts porsche. tbh. its a jacked up porsche. what i would really love to know is will the brand new toyota yaris be coming to dirt. its the hottest car on the planet right now.
  9. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    redownloaded dirt 2.0 tried to start it save is corrupted over before starting lol.
  10. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yeah maybe with having the big EA badge behind dirt it could pull in people who normally wouldnt play ball or...the big money may come out to get people like toyota involved how a wrc game is going to be made with no toyota is beyond me.
  11. dgeesi0

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    ive been watching some of these people recently and its actually inspiring me to actually utterly destroy them . its kinda sad that subpar racers are being promoted so well yet many better people dont succeed. all these big guys are doing is a clean run not even in the view you watching the video in then replaying it in chase cam because its the most popular view on youtube. every **** video like henriks is getting me closer to the wheel. was going to give up but seeing these average people popping out mediocre is really wetting my taste buds. i dont care about the views... dirt rally 2.0 being downloaded.
  12. what you mean is you have a different opinion. which is fine. i dont dispute how you feel. the only reason i debated your opinion is because you keep saying my claim is false. its not false its just not inline with your opinion. also you say you didnt play dirt rally 1 much and dirt rally 2.0 even less. so what can you or we even gather from your limited experience ? the game plays better at lower DOR because of the physics of dirt rally. its that simple.
  13. tbh if the game allows it to work it will be fine. just have to try it.
  14. i was sponsered by fanatec could have any gear i wanted for free. i could of kept it gave it em back for nothing. its over engineered thick aluminium gear promoted by mainly people who are **** at racing rally games and youtubers who try and get avg joe to buy. the reality is 99 percent of people will be far slower on the gear than a logitech wheel. you dont have to agree with me and as said i was sponsered by them. so i know there products. i have also said that dirt itself lends itself to less sim like wheels because of how it plays. so all the criteria is real and experienced. so what you dont understand i dont know. the reason i say this is so people who often cant afford high end sim rigs dont feel influenced by youtubers or people given the gear for free or at a reduced rate. then spend thousands only to realize they slower. i have no tie ins. i could have i can do the world records. so hopefully it helps. its not bs. save your money just buy a logitech g29 for dirt games. whats even more funnier is jz used to ask for our footage to make his videos. yet disputes our techniques and wheel choices.
  15. while you about mike giz you sprint pedals so i can go smash some world records on Automoblista 2