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  1. final thoughts for Dirt rally 2.0. its a great game and a great addition. on dirt mud the game is brilliant so thats nailed. tarmac still needs massive work. that is one of the very few things holding dirt back at the moment. racenet needs to go or online connection. it marrs...the experience. most times ive played dirt like many is at the weekends and thats often when racenet is down. now...as anything technical you kinda expect glitches or odd differculty in games but literally every weekend, NO ! not good enough. either do it right or just remove it. it hasnt stopped anything either because pirates still pirate it and even get content before actual owners of the game. so having a online connection to play is basically pointless.

    so id say the actual game has turned out about on par with dirt rally 1. would of been probably above dirt rally if...no racenet and better tarmac. tarmacs basically the same and any credit the game earned extra has been canceled out by the nightmare that is racenet. if you cant play on the time you have to play. why play at all ?

    DLC how it was handled worked didnt help the game or community in any way. make it clear next time whats included and no nasty surprises.

    hopefully the things that make dirt rally great continue and the bad things get sorted out. 8.5/10. ( would of been 9/10) without racenet and how the DLC was handled.

  2. the funny thing about set ups is mostly you only need one for almost all cars. thats why i never covered videos on it or done them. also the thing about set up videos is how do you prove they are correct ? for eg porkhammer in dirt rally 1 would do a set up could set a world record. publish set up. i could then do the event get the world record with default. which set up is correct ?

    for anyone who struggles with set ups. i will give you the simpliest tip.

    if the default is no good. just set almost every thing to the lowest and to the full right. thats it. many people know this its not rocket science. basically making the car stiffer and lower , locked. thats it. then you just dial in the gears. the gearing is the crucial part of the tuning really.

    so take a stage you doing try short first. then try longest gear settings. see how your times are. if shorter gears work better then work from there. if longer gears work better fine tune that.


    for most cars the default set ups if you really push will get you world records. only reason really to tune the car is if it doesnt suit how you drive or it isnt really a great default set up.


    looking forward to scotland to just playing and having fun. video side for me is done. its just not worth pursuing. maybe will do some for scotland but sadly after that no more. shame

    this video is the perfect eg of what its like to be great at a game but not suported because you havent got the subscribers  community manager on the right. its dirt rally in a nutshell.




    wish smaller youtubers would be supported better by dirt this just isnt happening. its mainly big dirt streamers youtubers with bigger audiences.yet most of the better players even the best are small channels at dirt. kinda in reverse of what it should be. hopefully that changes in the future for those putting in the effort. sadly that wont be me.

    roll on scotland looks brilliant from what i seen for a few split seconds...:classic_biggrin:  ( trying to save the suprise of jumping in blind on release. )



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  3. random track generator done right could be okay...but yourstage wasnt okay and i dont think its had enough time into it yet to be implemented back yet. in dirt 4 there was hardly any bad bends and a lot of the same corners. as a addition if done right yes add it in the next game if its 100 percent right but never as the main choice or no choice as sorry as it is to say this real life stages are better than any made up stage.

    im really hoping in the next game we get places like corsica , japan , manx. we need more locations and new locations.

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  4. can we remove these black standing objects. often at the start of the rally is a great chance to get some of the best close up pics. also in some events you actually nearly hit them or do on starting.

    without them in place it would look better at the starting line aswell.


    also on replays could you have fade in and out of the events with sound on starting and ending. this doesnt sound like much but when editing its kinda frustrating 3-5 secs long.



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  5. 14 minutes ago, caerphoto said:

    I think you're overthinking it a bit. It doesn't need to be that complicated - if there's a proper damage model in place already, then just making the roadside extra bumpy, or extra gloopy/muddy/snowy, would be enough to discourage cuts, because of the risk of damaging the car or getting it stuck.

    im only over thinking it as if it was this simple to achieve im sure it would of happened already. so there must be reason/s to why it isnt already in the game. people do come up with creative ways to ramp jump rough terrain so while it may seem like the best idea i still think personally having the game detect when you are too far from either the middle of the road or edge is the best way of going about it. how you penailize that i will leave up to them as this often creates lots of conversation about whats right or wrong.

    if you know the car cant leave the road more than one or two car widths then you know they cant drive across any terrain or make big cuts.

    with rough ground or trees in the way or whatever at some areas this obviously will not work correctly or people will find ways to still cut. if the car cant be within say 2 car widths unless they hack this you cant cut.

    its great seeing peoples reactions to this and all feedback is welcome. whatever works im down for it ! :classic_cool:

  6. 9 hours ago, ApexAzimuth said:

    I think the solution to egregious cuts could be solved by having a damage model that's more strict.  If there are rocks/stumps/bushes/ruts where those cuts exist, and the damage model is realistic, you'd run a severe risk of critically compromising your car by taking cuts.  At the very least you could end up with a bent wheel, steering arm, axle, etc. This wouldn't eliminate cuts, but it would seriously discourage them.  Afterall this is what keeps real life rally drivers from making big cuts as there's not a steward at every corner ready to mark someone down for corner cutting.

    The problem with using penalties is that the system won't differentiate a mistake from an exploit.  If you lose control and slide into a corner and off the road, you suffer not only the time lost from damage to your car and the crash itself, but salt in the wound by being punished through a penalty on top of it.  That would be amazingly frustrating and unrealistic at once.

    i think thats probably too much work or too complicated. look at what we have had to stop cutting over the years its barely changed. so to think a super duper over the top system with depth might get added i cant see it. i think the devs maybe want it but there just isnt the time to do that allowed.

    id love to see it myself. i just cant see that much time and effort being plowed into it.

    it deffo needs sorting. many events are ruined by stupid cuts which shouldnt happen. hopefully we get to some proper solution in the next game.



  7. 5 minutes ago, Johnnnn said:

    Is current forum broken for others too? I have some useless subforums first.

    i think its been changed so people can see those subforums first find something easier if needed.. which is annoying. also the pop up for news events is also annoying on the forums. even when trying to cross it off you still have to read it before it goes away.

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  8. i think the main priority as many know should be nailing tarmac. im fine with how dirt gravel is as are most. nail tarmac you have a master class of a game.

    events - my own personal want is narrow stages. we never get this which is frustrating. especially when it actually brings all of the rally excitement together because of narrow events. speed , danger , skill. , fun. also some of the events missing from dirt need to be explored. like corsica, japan , Manx . mix some of the events up with narrow stages.

    remove always online. every sunday grab wheel lets have a go. racenet down. no dirt rally. adding always online was a bad idea. it didnt work. let people just play.

    balance car classes. this makes slower cars in same classes pointless to drive. as often cars like a brilliant evo for eg have no chance against a lancia delta. so people will just drive the lancia delta because its so much more faster. many stages between these two its 10 seconds atleast difference if you can drive em. make that level or closer...some of the slower cars in this game are the most fun to drive. like the metro 6r4 for eg. but against the pug 205 t16 or lancia delta it has no chance of winning.

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