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    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    balancing across classes would make the game so much more fun gameplay wise. once people realize which car is the quickest in each class then the majority of people will only use the fastest car. which means many of the cars which are often more fun to drive wont be driven. it has been mentioned for years about this. the delta can be like 10 seconds quicker. not really realistic. 1 second in it you could say this or that car is faster and believe it but when its so big a difference it does effect the gameplay and classes.
  2. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    hyundai i do miss also at some point we will have to get toyota. especially with the wrc title.
  3. if there is full blown damage and loads of mud yeah would be cool elephants animals in the back grounds maybe even running across the road at certain scenarios. if its like earlier dirts kenya not really. its was just wide open floor it. there is so much that could be done. thats what i hope for the most and best you can put out not just enough.
  4. dgeesi0

    Slow in fast out = you lose! Good day sir!

    it is a game. so while often the beginners advice is take it slow till you learn. my advice is the opposite. just practice the stages and push as hard as you can. you will crash but you will find your limit far quicker than slowly slowly. it is a game and you wont get hurt. good luck !
  5. i do wonder if sms will join in for Dirt rally 3.0 and maybe try and tweak the tarmac to get it perfect. its the only achiles heel for dirt games. nail tarmac you have the undeniable best rally game ever made. WRC will probably want the game named just WRC something so cant see it being called DIRT WRC or whatever. i also dont think that codies would bury the name. so will it be a case of more teams for each game so all continue or one gets dropped while WRC is being done. Do codies think that another Dirt rally is worth doing ? maybe think do WRC only and Dirt for the arcade side. WRC maybe has a better ring to it than maybe Dirt rally 4.0 5.0 and so on. i reckon much of this has probably already been decided and Dirt rally 3.0 probably being worked on as we speak.
  6. probably is dirt rally 3.0 as they will need to get it out for 2021. also a lot has changed recently. so it probably has just started to be worked on. two seperate teams. with a realease date for 2021. dirt 5 is next. and then Dirt rally 3.0 then next dirt game. then WRC 2023. websites just changed. so it looks like a new beginning change over.
  7. there is a new TOCA style game being made maybe thats a codies one aswell but waiting to see about the licensing. WRC stages cant wait. drools thinking of corsica germany ! 😎
  8. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yeah its either going to be all under the WRC banner but i cant see that as they often do modern cars. also branding ip. dirt rally has its own brand and you never know how long you will have the license. si im guessing seperate titles. maybe why dirt 5 and dirt rally are trying to be seperated more. so you have clear titles and know what you getting. so WRC , Dirt Rally , Dirt.
  9. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yeah getting the WRC license to do games is massive. kinda makes sense of all the recent push in advertising and big faces in events recently. finally we getting somewhere. great news ! 😎
  10. dgeesi0

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    dirt rally 2.0 was a great journey improved on most things and a great addition to the franchize. look forward to whatever comes next. wonder how long it will be ?
  11. narrow events and different locations.many great places which are iconic places which dont seem to happen like corsica for eg. i sure narrow is seen as a swear word. ive said this hundred times im sure but...narrow events a car width with no give bring far more excitement , element of danger than most of the events we get for dirt games yet they very rarely happen. the thing is you dont even need to go full deep on tarmac redoing with narrow events as you arent drifting across wide american style motorways like what we have currently with spain. thats why the tarmac handling shows up so bad because the roads events are so wide. imagine a car width event you cant drift two cars wide so you wont notice it ! its all snap darting movements. with narrow events corsica , ireland, isle of man tt would be a great single event like hillclimb.
  12. Toyotas Vauhaul Nova how this isnt in already MK1 Ford Fiesta RWD Mk1 Ford Escort Talbot Sunbeam Ford Saphire Cosworth. Mitsubishi Starion.
  13. Dirt rally 2.0 is the best overall rally game but the tarmac isnt still as good as the original assetto corsa game which in my opinion nailed it the best. RBR was great at the time it came out not really realistic just hard for the sake of hard. you then learned the hardness then people applied this to realness. which it wasnt realistic at all. infact tarmac is like driving on ice and the gravel is just so so. dirt rally 1 is better than rbr and dirt rally 2.0 is better. its just they have little issues that need to be ironed out. tarmac especially. thats what im waiting to happen for dirt rally games. as when tarmacs dailed in much of the silly arguements debates about which is better will be gone. as nothing will touch dirt rally with good tarmac. what i must say is there will always be debate..even if handling is nailed in any game. as people like different things or havent driven cars in real life or done any rally. or...just have different opinions. which is fair enough.
  14. dgeesi0

    Final DR2.0 thoughts

    final thoughts for Dirt rally 2.0. its a great game and a great addition. on dirt mud the game is brilliant so thats nailed. tarmac still needs massive work. that is one of the very few things holding dirt back at the moment. racenet needs to go or online connection. it marrs...the experience. most times ive played dirt like many is at the weekends and thats often when racenet is down. now...as anything technical you kinda expect glitches or odd differculty in games but literally every weekend, NO ! not good enough. either do it right or just remove it. it hasnt stopped anything either because pirates still pirate it and even get content before actual owners of the game. so having a online connection to play is basically pointless. so id say the actual game has turned out about on par with dirt rally 1. would of been probably above dirt rally if...no racenet and better tarmac. tarmacs basically the same and any credit the game earned extra has been canceled out by the nightmare that is racenet. if you cant play on the time you have to play. why play at all ? DLC how it was handled worked didnt help the game or community in any way. make it clear next time whats included and no nasty surprises. hopefully the things that make dirt rally great continue and the bad things get sorted out. 8.5/10. ( would of been 9/10) without racenet and how the DLC was handled.
  15. dgeesi0

    Tips for driving 4WD cars quicker

    just practice with it. is the key for most of dirt rally and learn its charachteristics. its very light so try and learn to use those aspects. its a brilliant car once you can master it. maybe try doing some time trial events in it first on stages you going to do.
  16. dgeesi0

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    many cars got things added changed that even the experts have trouble sometimes. seen this recently with a ex rally subaru.
  17. dgeesi0

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    well done codie team you nailed it. best location in Dirt rally 2.0
  18. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    dat back bumper
  19. dgeesi0

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    the funny thing about set ups is mostly you only need one for almost all cars. thats why i never covered videos on it or done them. also the thing about set up videos is how do you prove they are correct ? for eg porkhammer in dirt rally 1 would do a set up could set a world record. publish set up. i could then do the event get the world record with default. which set up is correct ? for anyone who struggles with set ups. i will give you the simpliest tip. if the default is no good. just set almost every thing to the lowest and to the full right. thats it. many people know this its not rocket science. basically making the car stiffer and lower , locked. thats it. then you just dial in the gears. the gearing is the crucial part of the tuning really. so take a stage you doing try short first. then try longest gear settings. see how your times are. if shorter gears work better then work from there. if longer gears work better fine tune that. for most cars the default set ups if you really push will get you world records. only reason really to tune the car is if it doesnt suit how you drive or it isnt really a great default set up. looking forward to scotland to just playing and having fun. video side for me is done. its just not worth pursuing. maybe will do some for scotland but sadly after that no more. shame this video is the perfect eg of what its like to be great at a game but not suported because you havent got the subscribers community manager on the right. its dirt rally in a nutshell. wish smaller youtubers would be supported better by dirt this just isnt happening. its mainly big dirt streamers youtubers with bigger audiences.yet most of the better players even the best are small channels at dirt. kinda in reverse of what it should be. hopefully that changes in the future for those putting in the effort. sadly that wont be me. roll on scotland looks brilliant from what i seen for a few split seconds... ( trying to save the suprise of jumping in blind on release. )
  20. dgeesi0

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    not long now yipeee !
  21. dgeesi0

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    is it wrong i like the p1 better than the 22b ?
  22. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    well even if it is the last DLC we will know a new Dirt game will be starting being made shortly after. so we will always be Dirty.
  23. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    the i20 is one of my fav modern cars.
  24. dgeesi0

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    yeah some lucky people went to codies to try out dirt 4.
  25. random track generator done right could be okay...but yourstage wasnt okay and i dont think its had enough time into it yet to be implemented back yet. in dirt 4 there was hardly any bad bends and a lot of the same corners. as a addition if done right yes add it in the next game if its 100 percent right but never as the main choice or no choice as sorry as it is to say this real life stages are better than any made up stage. im really hoping in the next game we get places like corsica , japan , manx. we need more locations and new locations.