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  1. Nightswipe

    Racenet / Steam Question

    Does Racenet work for you? It has been down for me since the launch of Flat out (before that I haven't layed in a month or 2).
  2. Nightswipe

    Something is coming closer...

    Speaking about liveries. The abu dhabi for the Fiesta is something I want back, also the CMR 3 Ford Focus livery(or was it a later game? Maybe 4 or 2005.)
  3. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    Fixed :) Nice work!
  4. Nightswipe

    Better view of livery backside

    So, I play chase cam most of the time when I play. Because of this I spend a lot of time looking at the backside of the car, so picking a nice livery to go along with this is quite difficult today as it only shows the front and a little bit of the side of the car in the menu. Any way to update the UI to get a view from behind? If no change will come, keep this in mind for the next game.
  5. Nightswipe

    DiRTy Gossip

    I would vote but this year I could'nt be bothered. Hope it goes well for DR2, and hoping for a reveal of some kind tonight as well. I am also surprised A plague tale wasn't nominated more than it is.
  6. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    So new patch is out, but there is still no fix to this.
  7. Nightswipe

    Something is coming closer...

    Subaru BRZ would be nice. But come on, they would'nt release a teaservideo, have a gameshow coming up that they are nominated in, just to release a car...
  8. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    And Jon only plays in cockpit cams :)
  9. When you use chasecams. Never tried cockpit. Please add this. Or is it intentional?
  10. Nightswipe

    Did the sounds get mixed up?

    As I was driving the Citroen C4 in Dirt Rally 2.0 the sound from the car sounded familiar, I youtubed up a video to have side by side and sure enough, the sound is the same as that from the Mini Countryman from Dirt Rally 1. The C4 sounds different in Dirt Rally 1. The NR4 Subaru sounds very similar as well. ????
  11. Available to buy as new? Every single time I find them as used cars. ?
  12. Nightswipe

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Not really a bug but you really need to overlook your terminal damage boundaries. I drove off the road in Argentina. Had no way of coming back up so I drove further down the hill to try and see if I could active the car reset option(I could'nt from the menu), and then boom. terminal damage, event over.
  13. Nightswipe

    Spain Rally Location Dirt Paths!! 

    Trust me. We are not getting any more new stages for this game. We're only going to get the rest from Dirt Rally. I would LOVE to be wrong as it would be huge to the game to get more than 2 rallystages per country.
  14. Nightswipe

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    Steam has been down twice today. Still is down at the moment I type this. Kinda annoying that you can't play your games because of it.
  15. Nightswipe


    Yep. Really want this too.