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    Codemasters secure WRC licence from 2023

    I just hope that they will still add rallies to these games that isn't part of the official lineup.
  2. Server has been down for me since the release of Flatout(perhaps earlier if I played then :p ) Only thing I want to do is upgrade the 2 new cars fully. But I can understand why it's down and why it's not being worked on. It's not the end of the world for me. Plenty of other games releasing these days.
  3. As far as locations go. DR 2.0 has 13. That is plenty. (Can't remember if CMR 2.0 or 2005 had more). But what it lacks is number of different stages in said countries. The stages that are in the game are fine. But you familiarize yourself with them fast. A minimum of 4 long stages should suffice. The more the merrier. Also, If DR 3.0 runs in the same engine I have no qualms with them putting the content from DR 2.0 into 3(preferrably for free) , just expanding the number of stages, Instead of having 2 stages close to one another. Have stages made that are far from each other in the country, if possible.
  4. Nightswipe

    Racenet / Steam Question

    Does Racenet work for you? It has been down for me since the launch of Flat out (before that I haven't layed in a month or 2).
  5. Nightswipe

    Something is coming closer...

    Speaking about liveries. The abu dhabi for the Fiesta is something I want back, also the CMR 3 Ford Focus livery(or was it a later game? Maybe 4 or 2005.)
  6. Nightswipe

    Better view of livery backside

    So, I play chase cam most of the time when I play. Because of this I spend a lot of time looking at the backside of the car, so picking a nice livery to go along with this is quite difficult today as it only shows the front and a little bit of the side of the car in the menu. Any way to update the UI to get a view from behind? If no change will come, keep this in mind for the next game.
  7. When you use chasecams. Never tried cockpit. Please add this. Or is it intentional?
  8. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    Fixed :) Nice work!
  9. Nightswipe

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I would vote but this year I could'nt be bothered. Hope it goes well for DR2, and hoping for a reveal of some kind tonight as well. I am also surprised A plague tale wasn't nominated more than it is.
  10. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    So new patch is out, but there is still no fix to this.
  11. Nightswipe

    Something is coming closer...

    Subaru BRZ would be nice. But come on, they would'nt release a teaservideo, have a gameshow coming up that they are nominated in, just to release a car...
  12. Nightswipe

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    And Jon only plays in cockpit cams :)
  13. Steam has been down twice today. Still is down at the moment I type this. Kinda annoying that you can't play your games because of it.
  14. Nightswipe

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Do you know any site that have each rally with a 1 hour long recap posted anywhere?
  15. Nightswipe

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    About the C4, is Codemasters not allowed to make their own liveries?
  16. Nightswipe

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Some extra headlights at night for the mini countryman 2010 would be nice.
  17. Nightswipe

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    In the menu, put out info on how long the stage is so we don't have to guess which one we choose. If I want to race on the longer tracks I shouldn't have to guess which one is long and then end up on short ones. Also, I tried driving in monte carlo - night - wet. Problem is, the track never felt wet.
  18. Nightswipe

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First off, i'm so happy you're bringing back a pure rallygame!I have played through all of your rallyfocused games (CMR 1-5, DiRT 1-3)However DiRT 1-3 left me wanting more as it was more of a mixed bag of everything instead of one true focus. As for Dirt Rally, the game feels good, looks good, really happy about nighttime driving. And the wet cars look really nice.The locations are good but maybe as of yet a bit bland? Especially Greece. Sometimes it feels you've just put down a road, then cut off by trees with no vistas whatsoever.And are there really that many pinetrees in Greece? I haven't been on all islands or explored the main continent fully but I have never witnessed that many pinetrees :) My biggest gripe with the game so far however(I know i'm not alone in this).The stages themselves. When you say 12 tracks, people expect 12 tracks. Not 2 tracks and the following 10 be reverse tracks, and bits of the longer tracks turn into a shorter one.What makes it worse is that many of the tracks that go on the same area have different names. This was the case for the tracks in the DiRT games as well, which I personally dislike.You had 1 track that started at A, ended at D. Then you made another track that went on the same course from C to B and slapped on a different name. Then had another B to A and C to D. And then reversing them.Make unique stages! Reverse stages are ok, but not cut outs of the longer tracks.I am wishing that this game will be either like CMR 2 or 5. Those games had lots of locations and every stage was different(at least cmr 2 had, not 100% sure about 5) I will keep playing the game, and I hope there will be many more locations to come and more different unique tracks for each country. It will make the game feel more complete instead of copypaste. Really looking forward to australia! I noticed a car wishlist, I really hope VW polo makes it into the game, but better then that, VW Scirocco 08I don't think it has been made into a rallycar, just a racingcar, but man would it be sweet to have in the game(as I have one myself).And a classic I saw no wishes for, Ford Puma from CMR2!