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  1. Argentina Wales Spain New Zealand Australia Greece USA Monte Carlo Germany Sweden Finland Poland Actually, all but the last 3 are pretty close and I like driving all of them. Sweden is meh, Finland and Poland are both pure hate for me because they always make me feel forced to go faster than I'm comfortable with in order to keep up with the AI.
  2. Hi, I like driving the community events (dailies, weeklies, monthlies). While driving, the delta time after each sector is clearly my delta relative to the currently fastest time of all participants. Now this doesn't give me much information, because even though I am usually 30-40 seconds behind after each stage, I still usually manage to get placed into high tier 2 or sometimes even tier 1. Plus it is rather frustrating to see that big of a time difference. So in order to make the delta in the community events a bit more helpful, how about we could set a "target tier" in the options/profile or maybe even for each event? And while driving, my time will be compared to the (currently) worst time that would put me in my target tier. E.g. if I set it to tier 1, my delta would be green (faster) if my time would get me into tier 1, and red (slower) if I'd land in tier 2.
  3. I had a conversation with the Steam support. They just answered and solved my problem. They wrote I had only activated a Deluxe Edition Upgrade, not the base version of the game. Which is true: I preorderd the physical Deluxe Edition + steelbook before release and when it arrived I entered both codes. Only one worked (the Deluxe key), for the other one Steam told me it was already activated. So I thought the Deluxe key included everything. And I played the game for 37 hours fine up until the day of the 1.2 patch. Then it stopped working without telling me why. So now I tried to enter the second code again and this time it was not rejected somehow. And now the game is downloading again. So it was a license issue after all. Problem solved.
  4. @Timmsy123 @ChristinaMc Any ideas? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. Update: I tried on a third PC, on a different internet connection and different OS (Win7 instead of Win10) and the same thing happens. So that's definitely not on my end. When hitting the "install" button in Steam, the following dialog even shows only "46mb" required disk space for the whole game, see attached screenshot. Is anyone else currently able to install the game?
  6. Hi. Ingame it says there's a new game version which I need to connect to RaceNet. But Steam doesn't download/install anything. The game is set to be kept up to date and I restarted Steam multiple times. What can I do? **edit: I tried uninstalling and installing again. But even that doesn't work, Steam says "download finished 0/0bytes" and the game obviously won't start because the game files are missing. The folder for DR2.0 on the hard drive is empty. I can download and install all other games fine, so probably it's not (only) Steam?! I also tried switching download servers, but that also didn't help. **edit2: I tried installing on a different PC, same thing happens.
  7. Luzzifus

    DIRT 2.0 "Adaptable" achievement is glitched for me

    Hi, I'm having the same problem, the "Adaptable" achievement is stuck at 3/4, no matter how many times I try (PC, Steam).