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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    GUYS great work. But do not relax, you need to made it stronger and stronger, better end better to give us chanse to compete Rally Cross all over the world and give your company a good promotion as a best rally sim constructors. BUT you still need to continue working hard! Please some issues i find: 1. FORCE FEEDBACK is still must be more and more crutically corrected for better feeling the car. Feeling the car in first 12 30 degrees is not feeling good, like in real life - more feedback in this area and also all over degrees rotation it need more rebuild for maximum real experience! 2. Please add clutch to secuental mode. We have clutch in secuental cars in real life, so do it in the sim. I believe you do it, you must made this sim the best ever!!! Forgot to write. Please also made normal  cokpit, and normal cocpit view with wheel off . The cocpit is so strange :s WORK HARD guys, Good luck ;)