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  1. Xbox deluxe edition + individual dlc : Game freeze and crash back to menu bug Always on the start line of a rallycross event, any game mode. Just happened twice In the current weekly Ai challenge in Canada, so has made a casserole of nonsense of the whole event.
  2. Yeah classic layout but with 2 devils elbows, one the joker ! They also had a ice rallycross track !
  3. Yeah the semi grid bug can catch you out, the first time it happened to me it nearly ruined a custom championship I was left a steaming pile of scrap on the start line only seems to be a grop B problem for me Work around, befor race starts go back to main menu go back into event the grid should be staggered
  4. Thats the one ! Haven't played it in a long time, in my humble opinion a hardcore sim style never really clicked on the gravel I'm not one for spending hours going through endless setup settings But the thrill of flat out along the knife edge ! Oh its got a joker lap also As a rallycross fan that alone made me buy pc2
  5. To be honest another driving game did a great job of brands and knockhill come to think of it Just a shame (ill be polite) i couldn't get on with the rest of the game !
  6. Apologies for taking the conversation of topic but killing time waiting for xbox Estering news sheesh ! It has for years now been top of my wishlist that this dev did Brands
  7. Only one track springs to mind for this era of rallycross Brands Hatch The British GP and British open essential watching some epic battles 1983 onwards
  8. So apparently one of my favourite tracks drops on the 13th can't wait to copy Kevin Eriksson and go round the outside !
  9. You say liam is doing retro, don't suppose you know if he's driving Rosie ?
  10. I'll have to keep a look out, The Retro rallycross is looking stronger than ever this year as well, can't beat a bit of nostalgia. (As for the avatar, got to give respect were its due,the bloke was a nutter behind the wheel and a genius in the workshop)
  11. Quick load up the tranny, no ones about ! I bet a little bit of wee came out when the flooded track grabbed him
  12. See crash.net Solberg says probably one more year as a privateer. He also hints Sebastian Loeb joining WRX This year !
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